Friday, 7 October 2016

Cameroon - Rigobert SONG is not DEAD people Stop False Rumors

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Rigobert Song

Nowadays, with the Social Media, it just suffices that one person tweets a thought anonymously, and the whole world fakes a story behind it.

Former Indomitable Lion's Captain Rigobert Song Bahanag, is RECOVERING in a slow but sure pace, but his frenemies have already announced his death, which is totally FALSE.

For the world to write that someone is death, especially when he is still alive and battling for his life, it's totally unaccepted.

Why is is that it is only mostly Nigerian media that is reporting that Song is death?.

"People, look for something else to report on, because our brother Rigo still have years with us on this planet earth".

Anywhere, dear Thatcherers and Thatcheresses Our Capi Manyang is still with us as of now, and we are still praying that he finally gets up to his feet after his successful operation.

See some of the blogs reporting Manyang's dead:

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