Guangxinyuan Ethnic Village is located in the trench in the deep Qinling Mountains, 48 ​​kilometers away from the ancient city of Xi an. It is a restaurant, guest room, entertainment, folk song and dance viewing, folk customs activities appreciation, solely developed by Xi an Guangxin Industrial Co., Ltd., The popularizationRead More →

Huayan Cave is located in Henggai Mountain, Chiyun District, Shiyang Town, 56 kilometers southeast of Anyue County. The cliff statues here are carved in the Northern Song Dynasty. There are 159 statues in the two large caves of Huayan Cave and Daprajo Cave . There are 24 inscriptions on theRead More →

Guiping Xishan is one of the seven famous Xishan in China, also known as Siling Mountain. It is named after 1km west of Guiping County. Since the Southern Liang Dynasty established Guiping County in Xishan, it has gradually become a tourist attraction. It is commonly known as Guilin is aRead More →

Dawujiang Town of Yuqing County was formerly known as Huilongdu. It is a small town on the bank of the Wujiang River. Today, Gudu New Town has become an important attraction on the Red Tourism Line of Guizhou Province. In order to extol the Red Army s feat of rushingRead More →

Haikou City is located on the tropical coast. The tropical resources present diversity and are rich in natural features and scenery on the seashore. Haikou has a history of nearly 1,000 years since its inception. Since the opening of the port in the Northern Song Dynasty, Haikou City has formedRead More →