Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park is a modern large-scale theme amusement park that combines food, travel, travel, purchase and entertainment in a joint venture built by Weifang Xinlik Group Co., Ltd. and American Asia Entertainment Co., Ltd. The first phase of Fuhua Amusement Park covers an area of ​​more than 200,000Read More →

The Wuyishan Ecological Tourism Area is located in the west of Wuyishan Scenic Area and upstream of Jiuquxi, with a planned area of ​​about 148 square kilometers. There are mainly grand canyon ecological rafting, Qinglong waterfall, virgin forest park and other landscapes. The journey takes about two days. The totalRead More →

The site of the Guge Kingdom is located in the Zaprang district of Alizada County, on the south bank of the Xiangquan River, 19 kilometers from the county seat. It covers an area of ​​about 1.83 million square meters on a loess hill more than 300 meters high. The palaceRead More →

  Drifting allows visitors to enjoy the scenery all the way, and the flowery beaches, maple groves, and banyan trees bring visitors a poetic mood. There are tempting seas, sun and beaches, and it is a good place for sand, wave, fishing and shellfish. The peculiar sea erosion landforms and theRead More →

Located in Xiawan Village, Qianjiadian Town, at the junction of Huairou County and 70 kilometers northeast of Yanqing County, it is a small waterfall with unique form. Due to the drop of about 20 meters, the sound of water is roaring, and the upper part of the waterfall is small,Read More →

Wetland description: East Dongting Lake is a large lake-shaped wide river channel that accepts the water volume of the four rivers of Xiang, Zi, Jing, and Hu in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and Hunan. The lake is surrounded by vast swamps and plains. Description ofRead More →

Humans have never stopped the desire to fly. The feathered wings were tied to the body, and they jumped from a height just to experience the excitement of flying in the air. This was an instant experience in which the ancients exchanged their lives for life. Nowadays, people have realizedRead More →