Port Douglas is about 70 kilometers north of Cairns and can be reached on the Captain Cook Highway for about an hour. Along the way, pass through eight beautiful bays, including Trinity Breach, Palm Cove and Clifton Beach. To the side is the endless Pacific Ocean. The beauty is everywhere.Read More →

Furong Cave, Chongqing Wulong, China National 4A Tourist Area, China National Key Scenic Area, China National Geological Park, China is the only place to be nominated as a cave for World Natural Heritage. Its huge caves and rich cave sediments have not only conquered cave experts from all over theRead More →

Gulongzhong is located in the mountains 13 kilometers west of Xiangyang City. It is a cultural relics scenic area in the outskirts of Xiangfan City with the former residence of Zhuge Liang as the main body. The valley to which it belongs. The main peak, Long Zhongshan, is 306 metersRead More →

Dongpo Pavilion is located in Hepu County, Hepu Normal School. Surrounded by green water, the scenery is excellent. According to legend, it is the residential site of Su Dongpo from Changhua to Lianzhou. Dongpo Pavilion is divided into two front and rear, with surrounding corridors, double-eaves and the top ofRead More →