Travel is not only to meet the most beautiful scenery, but also a spiritual baptism. In the process of traveling, you can put aside all the troubles of life and work, relax your body and mind, find the most authentic self in the frankness with strangers, and harmonious harmony withRead More →

I. Introduction to Tianjin Tianjin has more than 1,000 unique buildings of all kinds. This has almost become one of the landmarks of Tianjin, known as the ‘World Architecture Museum’. After more than 600 years, it has created a unique urban style combining Tianjin with Chinese and Western, compatible withRead More →

On December 3, it was learned from the Department of culture and tourism of Gansu Province that the Provincial Department of culture and tourism, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance and the provincial public security department jointly issued the notice, and the scenic spots ofRead More →

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in China No.1, Lijiang: The central elevation of the Lijiang City is 2418 meters above sea level. It is also called the four best-preserved ancient cities with Langzhong, Sichuan, Pingyao, Shanxi, and Yixian, Anhui, which are the second batch of national historical and cultural cities. PulijiangRead More →

The top ten hot springs in China are the Top Ten Hot Spring Resorts and Hot Spring Resort Hotels in China organized by CCTV. The top ten hot springs are: Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Tangshan Hot Spring is located in Tangshan Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing. It is a world-renowned hotRead More →