Zhujia Bamboo House China Travel

The Qiang Bamboo House is a two-story building constructed entirely of bamboo. The columns, beams, and roof trusses are made of thick bamboo, the walls are woven with bamboo sheets, the cut bamboo is flattened to make floors, and the doors and windows are also made of bamboo.

Some overheads are used to raise cattle, barley or pile up sundries, and some are surrounded by bamboo walls as silos or kitchens. On the second floor, there are halls and bedrooms for occupancy, and on one or both sides there are verandas and terraces . The slope of the roof is relatively steep, with ventilation holes at both ends of the ridge. The eaves are very low and protrusive, serving as a shade and shelter from rain. Stairs are installed under the corridor for people to go up and down .

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