Zhou Gongshan [Sichuan Ya’an]

Provincial Forest Park. Zhougongshan is on the banks of the Zhougong River in Ya an. The ancient name Cai Shan, or Shang Shuying Yu Gong : Cai Shan of Cai Meng Luping . According to the Shan Hai Jing, it is a famous mountain in Dayu s water management trip. According to legend, when the Three Kingdoms Shuhan Zhuge Liang conquered the South, he was given a plan at the foot of the night and dreamed by Zhou Gong, so that he won the battle and was renamed Zhou Gongshan. Since the Han and Tang dynasties, many temples have been built on the mountain, and ancient temples have always attracted tourists. At the top of the mountain are the ruins of the Zhougong Temple, and the Gossip Stones left in the Han Dynasty asking for rain and clear weather, and Ming, Qing stone temples, stone beasts, and stone squares. Calligraphic stone carvings of famous celebrities of all ages are left on cliff faces, stone rocks, and steles, and there are human landscapes such as clarified piers at the foot of th e mountain. Zhougongshan is known as the climatic sign of top fog with rain and fog scattered sky, so it is called Ya an Barometer . With the climate change of clouds, rain, fog and sunny, mountain peaks, deep mountains, forests, and flowing water will be full of different expressions. Million acres of planted forest on the mountainside are lush. The foothills of the Zhougong River linger as a jade belt. The specialty of the river, Cing Acupoint Fish, also known as Yayu, is well-known from ancient to modern times, and the Tang Dynasty poem Saint Du Fu chants Yu Zhi Bing Acupoint originates from the United States.

There are no accommodations for tourists on Laoshan and at the foot of the mountain. They can only live in the nearby Zhougongshan Hot Spring, and there are some cheap small hotels just outside the health school and Sichuan Agricultural University.

Transport by car: There is a car to Shi anchang Central Station to Ya an. It costs 5 yuan (only 2 yuan for tricycle) to get to Ya an Health School from Ya an. There is a van to Zhougongshan Hot Spring at 4 yuan / person. You can also take a bus from Shiling Station to Ya an, and then take a local minibus to the hot spring.

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