Yagniu Nature Reserve [Anhui Chizhou]

Yaiujiang Nature Reserve is known as the “Second Huangshan Mountain”. It is located at the junction of Shitai and Qimen counties. It has a total area of ​​about about 100,000 acres and an altitude of 1727.6 meters. It is the third in East China . peak. The mountains and territories in the territory are arrogant; the valleys and valleys are crisscrossed; the climate is mild and the rainfall is abundant; the soil is fertile, the ancient trees are towering, and the natural conditions are very superior.

The yak descended the peaks of the mountains, and all the trees competed for glory. Because of its remoteness, sparse population and scarce traces, natural plants are well preserved, and it is a rare forest ecological protection area in China s central and subtropics . Here are the national key protected tree species: fragrant fruit tree, maidenhair flower, and tulip tree; there are endemic vines that are endemic to Anhui; there are tall trees, blue fruit trees, warm wood, and Lagerstroemia indica; there are precious and fine tree species: East China nanmu, purple nan, linden, and linden Wood and a variety of cherry tree species; there are special economic tree species such as citron, cedar, magnolia, eucommia ulmoides, etc .; there are also some species of plants from southwest and southern flora, such as the fake Euonymus sp., Rough bran tree, and Sichuan Qingfeng rattan, Fructus sclerophylla spp., Feather tree, May tea, Water cluster flower, Acacia, Dalbergia, Tiger thorn, Uncaria, Jade leaf golden flower, Cantonese snake grape, etc.; Under the dense forest and beside the valley There are precious herbs such as yellow lotus, aniseed lotus, horse chestnut, rouge impatiens, jade bamboo, and deer hoof; vines include Schisandra chinensis, mountain grapes, kiwi, five-leaf wood, etc.; in valleys of 700-800 meters above sea level On both sides, there are small and tall southern Lagerstroemia indica forests that are rare in the province.

In the dense forest where the yak descends, there is also a noisy and prosperous animal world. Among them are the sika deer, Sumatra (the four are not like), black musk deer, clouded leopard, macaque, Macaque, little civet, otter , white pheasant, white-tailed long-tailed pheasant, lynx, owl, etc. Various forest birds and frogs are also abundant. This is also a kingdom of snakes, and 38 species were found on the first inspection, which is rare in China .

The yak descends from the peaks and stands shoulder to shoulder; the landscape reflects the smoke and the clouds; the beauty is elegant and clean, and the calmness contains gentleness and tranquility. It is a combination of majestic, strange, dangerous, beautiful, quiet , and wonderful. Tourists are there. Situation, all feel relaxed and happy. There is also the magical and charming Buddha light, which is also the gift of nature to human beings. Buddha light, scientifically called baoguang, is a natural phenomenon formed by the sun s diffraction through water vapor. Due to the cloudy and foggy climate and the high mountains and dense forests and the mountainous terrain in the east-west direction, the Buguang area is extremely easy to form. The Buddha light here is clearer than the Emei Buddha light, and it appears for a long time and many times: it can be seen all year round, and it appears more frequently in spring and autumn; hungry in the day can be formed early, mid, and evening , especially in the morning and evening.. In the evening, the light of the Buddha was exceptionally beautiful. Standing on the horns and looking westward, I saw a beam of sunlight coming obliquely. Between the valley and the sky, a clear and bright space appeared. The arc-shaped mist group is inlaid with a seven-color halo. What is puzzling is that in the light of Buddha, no matter how many people there are, tourists can only see their own shadows, and they raise their hands and follow their shadows. Looking at the beautiful halo, the magical scenery, and his own figure in the colored mirror, a kind of detached feeling naturally emerged in his heart.

There is a scenic spot in Yanshitai County called yukiujiang. When we went there, our group of four stayed at a farmhouse hotel not far from the scenic area. At night, a bright moon hangs in the sky, and the silence around us makes us sleep soundly overnight. It is cheap and comfortable to eat and live in a farmhouse. Really realize what is leisurely contentment!

Qionglai Nature Reserve is located at the junction of Qimen and Shitai counties. You can take a car from Qixi to Tunxi or Yixian, and then transfer from Qimen to Anqing.

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