Wuyi Mountain Natural Ecology Tour in Fujian

The Wuyishan Ecological Tourism Area is located in the west of Wuyishan Scenic Area and upstream of Jiuquxi, with a planned area of ​​about 148 square kilometers. There are mainly grand canyon ecological rafting, Qinglong waterfall, virgin forest park and other landscapes. The journey takes about two days. The total area of ​​Wuyishan Primitive Forest Park s management area is 7,118 hectares, of which the core area is 2,785 hectares. It is a primitive forest park that integrates a variety of landscapes and the aura of the mountains and rivers. The towering peaks of the park are at the height of 1630 meters above the nine-level sky. The magnificent and red-red stretches of the Sun Mountain and the large red cliffs, the Huaguo Mountain in the Macaque Village, the majestic and sacred peaks in the sky, the dazzling and magnificent Jilong Mountain, and the mountains The mountains are connected, and the peaks are stacked. When the dawn dawned, the sky was full of glory, and watching the sunrise on Mt. Longshan, the imperial peak, and the Nine Heavens is the most beautiful enjoyment. Among the steaming clouds, the mountains do not change from water to water, and the clouds do not change from mountain to mountain, such as Penglai Wonderland. Between the old vines, there is a primitive atmosphere.

There are abundant plant and animal resources in the forest area of ​​Loquat. There are 1,017 kinds of higher plants and 93 kinds of vertebrates. Among them are the valuable yew, Liriodendron chinense, fragrant fruit tree, rare white magpie, yellow-bellied horned owl, pangolin and so on. The magical virgin forest makes the air in the park fresh. It is a natural oxygen bar. The content of negative oxygen ions is extremely high. It is a good place for eco-tourism such as oxygen absorption , camping, forest baths, and fresh products.

Xishui is the life of the mountain. Wuyishan Primitive Forest Park has Longfeng Creek, Emerald Creek, Mystery Valley, and Three Canyons. The colorful and diverse waterfalls of Longfeng Creek are the unique scenery here. The Emerald Creek is about 12 kilometers long, with 36 large and small emerald pools on it, 18 gorgeous colorful pools, and 9-level pearl beach under it. There are 9 dream pools up and down Mystery Creek. The water in the park is crystal clear, green as jade, and the water quality is excellent, reaching the national drinking water standard. Due to the three canyons, the park forms three natural tourist routes: the Dragon and Phoenix Valley, the Emerald Valley, and the Jinzhu Mountain.

Qiqinglong Waterfall Scenic Area is located upstream of the Grand Canyon Drifting Area, 1 km away. The waterfall is a combination of three large waterfall groups, with a total length of more than 200 meters, a drop of 120 meters, and the widest point of more than 40 meters.

Step into the waterfall group, the bushes are shaded along the way, the flying birds and birds are romantic, and the rare birds and animals are hidden in the mountains. Picking up the stairs along the Chibi, the water is so humid that it rushes forward, as if entering the snow and ice world. In front of me, a blue dragon roared down and fell on the stone wall, forming a large and small waterfall group. Looking down at the waterfall, it looks like passive water that leads directly to the sky. The Grand Canyon is the upper section of Jiuquxi, with a total length of more than 40 kilometers. It is about 14 kilometers from Pikengkou to the Grand Palace and 28 kilometers from the scenic area.

Qiang Canyon has a relative drop of 300 meters. Due to the structural control of the Tongmuxi-Dazhulan fault zone and the strong cutting and development of the water flow, it forms a near-west east to the Grand Canyon. The valley is deeper than 500 meters, along the valley peaks and undulating cliffs. In the valley, the mountains return to the water, the mountains embrace the mountains, the peaks on both sides of the banks stand, thousands of trees are stacked, strange rock formations along the way , rapids and shoals are spread, waterfalls and springs are hanging high, the streams are clear, and the fish and stones are side by side. To experience the magnificent Qinglong Waterfall and experience the thrilling Grand Canyon rafting in person is an eco-tourism project that tourists long for.

The streams in the Grand Canyon area originates from the southwest foot of Huanggang Mountain, the main peak of Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, flowing from west to east, with abundant water sources and first-class water quality. In the middle reaches of the Xiaozhu Pai River, walking on both sides of the towering Danshan Mountain, it is a leisurely tour of Jiuqu River by bamboo rafts. The rapids, crossing the dangerous beach, and kayaking rafting are a combination of entertainment and fitness. Thrilling tour. It starts from 28 kilometers from the Grand Canyon to the shore of the Grand Palace. The whole journey is 6 kilometers and takes about 80 minutes. The fare is 80 yuan.

After jumping on the kayak, people will sit on the water and push the paddles in the hands, the wind of the Grand Canyon, and the rapids behind them, and start a perfect experience of nature, enjoying the tranquility and comfort of nature … Of course, visitors can also beat the waves and seek the excitement of rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Gathering in Baotan and Longtan With the paddling of the wooden paddle, the kayak began to drift, and after passing a calmness of more than ten meters, it entered a bite from shallow to deep. According to legend, in order to educate his sons, the third-generation descendant of Peng Zu, the ancestor of Wuyi Mountain, pretended to have a treasure here. After the sons opened up the landscape, they didn t understand the true meaning of the treasure that the father said, so later generations called this bitan as Jubaotan. Driving past Jubaotan, on the left is a pebble beach. Under the long-term erosion of flowing water, the edges and corners gradually disappear, becoming spherical or square, with various sizes and colorful. Then, enter Longtan, which is unfathomable, and is known as the place where the dragon hides. After Longtan, the boat speeded forward and was a large slide nearly 50 meters long. The boat rushed down the ladder, passing the thrilling rapids, and the stream was quiet agai n.

王国 The water animal kingdom is close to 25.5 kilometers. The water depth is rapid, and the turbulent turbulence follows a one-meter drop. It cascades on the disorderly rocks and splashes waves. There are a group of stone scenes on both sides of the strait, which are dizzying: two large stones side by side, one behind the other, look like a pig s eight rings; one stone stands as a lion, showing the majesty of the majesty; Rabbits, agile deer, active monkeys, lazy pug dogs, people call this the kingdom of water animals. The grand canyon moves, calms down, relaxes one by one, and tightens loosely, explaining the fun of drifting to the fullest.

Baiyeping arrived at Shimen. This place is also called Baiyeping, and there is no doubt about the heavy mountains and rivers. Two large stones blocked the way, and the kayak was forced into submission, and he could only pass through the gap carefully with the stream. Sometimes, Ba Shi was running out of air, and there was almost no way. He had to go back three to five times to find an exit. So the kayak fell down, and in a moment, the tourists seemed to hang in the air, their hearts shook, and then they fell out of the water and emerged from the water, all wet, as if they had undergone a heart-washing shower.

Jinshitan After passing a small waterfall, it is a peculiarly shaped Jinshitan. Obstacles resemble polar bears, and the rest may vacate like flocks of pigeons, or open screens like peacocks, or splash water like ducks, revealing all kinds of visual beauty.

Diaolongmen Drifting entered the climax with the most elite and exciting Yuelongmen, that is, a drop of 2.8 meters. Some timid tourists, when they arrived here, had to regret to abandon the boat ashore. Only the brave who dared to break into the rapids dared to jump into the huge gap of the Longmen, and thrilledly experienced the thrilling, dangerous, strange and fun of the Grand Canyon rafting.

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