Wisdom wings in Nanyue attractions

In mid-August, the first telecommunication 5G mobile phone in Hunan Province officially met with users in the Telecom 5G Intelligent Experience Hall in Nanyue District, Hunan Province. At the scene, a tourist put on VR glasses and watched the real scene of Nantianmen and archway of Nanyue Scenic Spot 360 degrees remotely. As if he was there, the tourists exclaimed while experiencing: Shock!

In recent years, Nanyue has adhered to the people-oriented concept, created the Leyou Nanyue platform, upgraded smart tourism services, set up a tourism big data center, and launched online marketing, online booking, online payment, complaint processing and other online travel services. Smart Scenic Spot helped Nanyue District to build a comprehensive tourism industry, which was praised by people inside and outside the industry.

The Three Trees Restaurant recommended by Leyou Nanyue App is not only good in location, but also very stylishly decorated, which is very suitable for couples to eat! Mr. Chen and his girlfriend from Qingyuan first visited Nanyue Hengshan and found it easily through Leyou Nanyue App Favorite restaurant.

According to the introduction, the Leyou Nanyue App covers nearly a hundred tourist spots in the entire area of ​​the Nanyue Hengshan Scenic Area, realizing the social application of system data and providing convenience for tourists.

Through this APP software, tourists can not only browse the global tourism and boutique travel strategies, design travel routes that meet their needs, quickly purchase tickets for vehicles such as cars, high-speed rail, and aircraft through the software, but also obtain 26 important local scenic spots based on automatic positioning., The introduction of scenic spots in pictures and texts, and Chinese and English audio commentary, to get rich information about the park and other supporting services.

Especially during the peak tourist season, the role of this APP can be more prominent. For example, tourists can use their real-time monitoring and resource integration functions to provide fast parking lines for self-driving travel and avoid congested attractions in time; through the function of finding toilets, Tourists can find nearby tourist toilets, public toilets incorporated into the platform, and free toilets that are open to enterprises and public institutions along the traffic lines of the scenic area and on the street and in the front, so that citizens and tourists can use the toilets nearby. At the same time, through the “Precision Poverty Alleviation” function in the APP, you can buy green and pollution-free local products of poor households online, helping local people get rid of poverty and become rich.

The biggest feeling of this APP is that tourists can not only enjoy one-stop service experience of eating, living, traveling, travelling, shopping, entertainment, etc., but also enjoy more standardized and safe travel services. For example, when a tourist encounters an emergency in a scenic area (urban area), just dial the emergency rescue phone with one touch, the nearest rescue point will receive an alarm, and then immediately send someone to fight for the treatment time for the injured patient. This is undoubtedly a reliable guarantee.

Free WiFi to optimize travel experience

Wechat scan code to buy tickets, and then point the generated two-dimensional code to the gate of the scenic area, you can enter the scenic area. This is really convenient and fast! At the gate of Nanyue Hengshan Global Tourism Service Center , visitors from Changsha Mr. completed the ticket purchase, ticket collection, ticket checking and other procedures in 3 seconds and couldn t help praise it.

Code Sweep code tour scenic area is a smart upgrade since the self-service ticket machine was launched in Nanyue Scenic Area in 2016, and it is also a microcosm of Nanyue s efforts to build a smart scenic area and serve tourists in recent years.

You can find the NYHS signal on your mobile phone. You can log in to the Internet without a password. You only need to log in to authenticate. At the Nantianmen Scenic Spot in Nanyue Central Scenic Area, the staff patiently demonstrated to a female tourist in her 60s how to connect to the scenic area free WiFi.

Since the Wisdom Nanyue free WiFi upgrade and expansion project was officially launched in January 2018, it has brought visitors a comfortable experience of accessible information and zero distance communication. According to the staff of the scenic area, the Wisdom Nanyue ushered in the Spring Festival and May 1 and 2 peak passenger examinations in less than half a year. According to statistics, during the May Day holiday in the same year, the number of tourists in Nanyue Scenic Area soared to 154,400. Free WiFi in the area still remained unobstructed, successfully passed the test, and won the trust of tourists.

This year, after the expansion and expansion of the Smart Nanyue free WiFi system, based on the original 68 sets of equipment, another 150 sets of WiFi equipment were added to achieve full WiFi free coverage of important attractions, and new SMS authentication channels were added to meet 5,000 people. At the same time, online authentication adds a guarantee for visitors who are unfamiliar with the mobile network or network authentication failure.

Big data center guarantees scientific management

These information and data are processed by point, line, and area level technology, and finally come together to form a big data network that is intertwined with points, lines, and areas. After analysis, it can better promote customized services for tourists and provide The subsequent marketing promotion of the scenic area provides accurate data support, said a person in charge of Nanyue Global Tourism Big Data Center.

The electronic video surveillance system of Nanyue City and Scenic Area is a video surveillance platform in the whole district. A total of 1067 video surveillance roads have been established to achieve full coverage of major streets, traffic intersections, key areas, and key areas without blind spots. The platform integrates public security, tourism, and tickets, Monitoring data from multiple departments such as cultural relics, building management, scenic area management, and forest fire prevention, including three-in-one reception police, 12345 tourist service hotline , Xueliang project video monitoring, 350 trillion intercom communication, public broadcasting, System platforms such as people flow measurement, traffic guidance, meteorological early warning, ticket sales, and hotel real-name system management have a wide range of data and a huge amount of data.

Through the advantages of centralized resources of the tourism big data integrated system platform, Nanyue can statistically analyze the total number of tourists, total income, the proportion of tourists inside and outside the province, and the local attention to Nanyue, which effectively improves the accuracy of tourism data and makes Tourism + Big Data is more accurate.

It is worth mentioning that the three-in-one police response system, the Tourist Express platform and the 12345 tourist service hotline minutes three-three-five police mode, quickly respond to the sudden situation of tourists and citizens, and fully realize The emergency command is high-speed and efficient. In other words, once a visitor has an accident, it can take up to 5 minutes to get effective rescue.

5On May 17 this year, Nanyue became the first batch of 5G commercial pilot areas in Hunan Province and the first 5G tourist area in the province. At present, Nanyue has opened 5G base stations in the central scenic spot Nantianmen and Nanyue Hengshan Archway. At the end of this year, Nanyue Scenic Area will basically complete the construction of 5G base stations, which means a new era of integrated development of G smart tourism on Nanyue Line. By then, not only citizens and tourists can experience the advantages of large 5G traffic, low latency, and high speed, Can effectively help the development of Nanyue s overall tourism. China Telecom Nanyue Branch said.

According to reports, next, Nanyue will also fully promote the construction of the real-name ticket system and electronic license plates in the scenic area, and accelerate the construction of smart tourism and smart urban management platforms.

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