Why is the entrance fee for domestic attractions so scary and foreign attractions rarely charge?

For tourists who love to travel, especially those who enjoy visiting domestic and foreign tourist attractions, there are no small differences and differences between domestic and foreign attractions. The most important difference is that many domestic attractions have very high fees. Although the quality of most of these attractions is relatively high and can afford expensive prices, there are also many tourist attractions that cannot afford the fare. So expensive. Therefore, the fares of tourist attractions are also a very large part of travel expenses. So what are the tickets for domestic attractions so high, and what are the tickets for foreign attractions?

However, tourists who frequently travel abroad should understand that many of the most famous foreign places do not require tickets. Tourists can freely visit various tourist attractions to play, even if some very famous attractions collect tickets, The amount it collects is often not large, and it is usually only a small amount. So what exactly causes the difference in fees for attractions at home and abroad to be so large?

In fact, the charging of attractions at home and abroad is inevitable, because the fundamental purpose of the attractions is to make money, because the daily operations of the attractions themselves and the salary of the staff of the attractions are all places that need money, if the attractions do not charge tourists, then the operation of a scenic spot cannot be maintained at all, so charging is an act necessary for the basic operation of the scenic spot. After all, attractions are also part of the commercialization of a country.

As for the act of charging, in fact, there are different models for this behavior at home and abroad. In China, many attractions mostly charge the entire attraction through the price of the ticket, and the daily operating costs of the attraction are very high , so This is one of the reasons why the price of tickets to attractions in China is so high, because attractions want to make profits from the money of tickets.

And the idea of ​​foreign attractions is not earned by tickets. They often do not set tickets or drive down the price of tickets. The main profit method of foreign attractions is through various consumption in the attractions, such as food or Special attractions play facilities. The commercialization of foreign attractions is very well done, and usually has a complete system.

In fact, for domestic and foreign attractions, in a sense, they are charged, but one is charged on the table, that is, the cost of admission tickets, and one is hidden from various background Charge for profit. Essentially, they are charged from tourists.

At present, some of China s scenic spots are commercialized very well. For example, some famous attractions around the world, such as the Forbidden City and other attractions, are very cheap. Sales of peripheral and cultural products are profitable. I have to say that many attractions in China are undergoing transformation.

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