Why do foreigners visiting China feel less and less?

Recently, some netizens asked, why do you feel that fewer and fewer foreigners have traveled to China in the past few years? For example, some scenic spots in Jiuzhaigou, Xishuangbanna and other scenic areas can be seen, and in the sights of large and medium cities, foreigners who visit China But people are rare? In this regard, experts believe that the economic downturn in European and American countries in recent years, the living standards of ordinary people have not risen but declined, coupled with the rise of Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand From a sexual point of view, foreigners are more willing to travel to these countries.

We and we think that fewer foreigners come to China, which is not true. According to statistics, the number of foreigners visiting China has not decreased, but the growth rate has indeed slowed down. In some Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Malaysia , the number of foreigners going to travel is on the rise. So why are there fewer and fewer foreigners coming to China? We feel that some places are worthy of reflection.

First of all, it is not easy for foreigners to come to China to obtain a visa. Chinese people want to go abroad, visa application depends on your property certificate, employment certificate and tax payment certificate. It is not easy for foreigners to come to China for tourism. In fact, Chinese ordinary visas are divided into C, D, J1, J2, Q1, R, Z, S1, S2, X1, X2 and other categories. It depends on your round-trip airfare, hotel order, etc. Anyway, when foreigners come to China for tourism, they must prove that they have the ability to support the full cost of travel. In other Southeast Asian regions, visa applications for foreign tourists are relatively simple and easy. This caused some foreigners who thought of coming to China to retreat.

What s more, due to economic reasons, the past two years have been affected by Brexit and other factors. The entire EU economy has been in a downturn. At the same time, the US economy has also begun to slow down, and people in Europe and the United States have been stagnating. At the same time, as China s domestic prices continue to rise, the overall price level is much more expensive than some other Southeast Asian countries. From the perspective of many foreigners, I also go out for tourism, and of course I will choose a place that is fun and cheap. Therefore, Thailand and Malaysia are now hot tourist destinations.

Once again, the traffic congestion in scenic spots in major cities in China is severe, and infrastructure is under tremendous pressure. At the same time, the PM2.5 air pollution index continues to deteriorate and the air quality is poor, which is also the direct reason why foreign tourists are not willing to come to China. In addition, in some scenic spots, there are random ticket collections, random meals and accommodation. It is precisely because of the uneven environment of the major scenic spots in China that foreigners like to go to tourist attractions with more natural scenery, such as Yunnan and Tibet.

Finally, false reports from overseas media have made some foreigners dare not come to China for tourism. For example, attractions in China have high fees, crowds of attractions, and many bad reviews! There are even media that exaggerate the negative news in the country , reprint the negative news in the country, then add jealousy, and finally foreigners are not willing to travel to China. We do not deny that some domestic tourist attractions have a lot of room for improvement in terms of environmental improvement and other aspects, but the false reports of some overseas media have also slowed down the growth rate of foreign tourists coming to China.

In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting China has not declined, but is still rising, but the rate of increase has slowed significantly. This is mainly because it is difficult to get a tourist visa to China, there are many flaws in major domestic attractions, and foreigners have traveled to Southeast Asian countries to travel, where tourism is cost-effective. Of course, there are also false reports from overseas media that exaggerate the problems existing in some domestic attractions. However, we believe that domestic attractions are quite attractive to foreigners. Therefore, as long as we make improvements in various aspects and create a suitable tourism environment, the number of foreign tourists visiting China will still rebound sharply.

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