Which tourist attractions in Guiyang are most popular with tourists?

Guiyang is a place with a lot of attractions, and it is also quite popular, so I recommend a few to the subject here, in no particular order!

First of all, we recommend Qingyan Ancient Town located in Huaxi District in the southern suburbs of Guiyang! This is a very clean area, which makes people feel very comfortable. This ancient town was built during the Ming Dynasty and was also a military fortress. When you come here to travel, you can see that there are many ancient buildings of the Ming Dynasty in the entire ancient town. The entire ancient town was built on a hill, and the city walls were basically built on cliffs. Here you can see the very exquisite carving art inside, such as its stone carving and wood carving. Tourists who come here will basically take it as a very important point to watch.

Then recommend the Nanjiang Grand Canyon in the northeast of Guiyang. This spot is also a very typical karst landscape spot. If you come here to play, you can see many clear streams flowing in the valley, and you can also see large and small waterfalls falling in the cliffs. So the scenery here is very good, come here to play, you can either enjoy the scenery of the canyon on the cliff’s boardwalk, or play the canyoning activities, so it will definitely not be fun of.

Finally, there is Tianhe Lake in the southwest of Guiyang. This is a very special scenic spot. It is a miniature landscape of Guizhou, where various karst caves and waterfalls are gathered. The main contents you can see are water cave cruises, calcified beach waterfalls, dry caves, and Xiangyugou water culture. When entering the scenic area, you will first pass a commercial street. After the tour, you can come back to eat and rest, so you do n’t have to stay here for a long time at first. You can go directly to a boardwalk. And if you like to see some water features, such as waterfalls and streams, go to the left. There is a cavern scenic area above the waterfall, and the content that can be seen just now is basically on the side of the waterfall.

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