Which country is Dubai? What to pay attention to when traveling here

Many people go online to find travel tips before travelling to Dubai. Although many people have heard of Dubai and the world s most luxurious and luxurious seven-star sailboat hotel, many people do not know which country Dubai belongs to. Today, the little detective will give everyone a doubt-which country is Dubai? What do Chinese people need to pay attention to when traveling here?

Where is Dubai?

With the increasing number of outbound tourists in China in recent years, Chinese people s interest in overseas tourism has also increased. And Dubai is a well-known tourist destination, and it has become the preferred tourist destination for many people. So where is it?

Dubai is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula and on the south bank of the Arabian Gulf. It is the center of the Gulf region, facing the South Asian subcontinent across the sea, bordering Qatar in the northwest, bordering Saudi Arabia in the west and south, and bordering Oman in the east and northeast. Pearl of the Gulf.

Country What country does Dubai belong to?

Dubai belongs to Asia, its specific geographical location belongs to West Asia, its political and strategic location belongs to the Middle East, and it belongs to the United Arab Emirates.

It is an international metropolis and the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest emirate after Abu Dhabi in terms of area. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and the economic and financial center of the Middle East . It is an international metropolis and the richest city in the Middle East. It is also among the richest cities in the world.

Dubai has developed from a small fishing village to a regional financial center, and has developed from a regional financial center to a global international financial center, and has become a bridge between eastern and western capital markets. This is because Dubai s free and stable economic policy has won a good reputation among countries and the international business community, which has encouraged domestic and foreign capital to invest in various economic sectors such as business, industry and services.

Which Country does Dubai belong to and what are its attractions worth visiting?

Dubai, a topical city, countless news and paragraphs almost make it synonymous with wealth and willfulness, and also attract countless tourists every year to explore this desert wonder. In this piece of desert and half sea, there are dancing yellow sands, sailing boats that love the sea, faith and art, wealth in Abu Dhabi, and a very yellow and violent gold market. These attractions are worth your visit:

The Palm islands, Jumeirah, is an artificial island that has been built in The Palm islands. The artificial island is in the shape of a palm tree and is surrounded by a crescent moon. It is said that this island can be seen on the moon Here. There are residential areas and resorts on the island. At present, many international celebrities have settled their homes here, such as star Beckham and Irving.

J Burj Khalifa, with a total height of 828 meters, is an extremely luxurious skyscraper. It was completed on January 4, 2010 and is currently the world s tallest building and artificial structure, with a cost of US $ 1.5 billion. Dubai s world-famous landmark once appeared in the movie Mission Impossible 4, and Atango showed himself climbing the Burj Khalifa with his bare hands. Take the Skyscraper ascending elevator in high-rise building, you can reach the top of the world from the ground in 2 minutes, and experience the speed of flying. From the high-level observation deck, you can even enjoy a panoramic view of Dubai, with panoramic views of artificial wonders such as Palm Jumeirah and Sailing Hotel.

Jumeirah Public Beach Jumeirah Public Beach is one of the few beaches in Dubai that is open to the public for free, and the sand is fine and clean. In addition to the private beaches of the major hotels, this is also the only place in Dubai to openly wear swimwear. Due to the good location of the beach, this is also a great place to admire the Clipper Hotel. There are public baths on the beach, and beach chairs can be rented. Many tourists will rest on the beach or go swimming or surfing in the sea. There are also many water projects to participate in, such as jet skiing, water flying and so on.

Desert Safari in Dubai is a must-have feature when you come to Dubai. Take a jeep to cross the high and low dunes, explore the depths of the desert, and experience the magnificent atmosphere of the sand and sea. Drivers will use their superb driving skills to let you experience the excitement of a desert drift. Diving down at high speed from the top of a very steep dune, the thrilling is no less than a roller coaster.

Dubai Museum is located in Al Fahidi Fort. The building is also a marvelous military museum.

Abu Dhabi Grand MosqueThe Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, less than two hours drive from Dubai, is the largest mosque in the UAE s seven countries and the eighth largest in the world. It is located in the UAE s capital, Abu Dhabi, and it is also the only UAE s only external Open mosque. The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, also known as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, was built to commemorate the first President of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed. It cost US $ 5.5 billion and used 46 tons of gold alone. It was completed in 2007 during the Eid al-Adha festival. Officially open.

Dubai is a city that has great respect for women. This city has set up women s taxis. This taxi is pink. If you see it, don t be surprised. It is a taxi exclusively for single female passengers. The driver of this taxi is also female.

Dubai is a city that has great respect for women. It gives women special care and provides better services. There is no need to line up for business, boat rides, etc.

In fact, the best way to travel in Dubai is by car. The road conditions in Dubai are very good. Many people may think: to drive to Dubai, you must first get an International Driving Permit? Can t drive to Dubai with a Chinese driver s license? Wrong and wrong ~ As long as you have a Chinese driver s license and cooperate with simple materials, such as the internationally certified driver s license provided by [Car Rental], you can legally rent a car in these countries and regions.

Which country does Dubai come from and what do you eat in Dubai?

Dubai is a city with a lot of food. There are many UAE specialities here, including: Arabic roasted chicken, Arabic desserts, Arabic roasted beef, and Arabic roasted sheep. The food and beverage in the UAE is Arabic. Although the Arab food is similar to the Western food, it includes appetizers, soups, salads, barbecues, and desserts. There are many different ways of beef and mutton, and a large group of people sit together to taste a comprehensive barbecue and feel extraordinary.

If you are interested in UAE cuisine, you can go to the Arabian Tower Hotel (Sailing Hotel) and taste the Arab desserts. The Arab desserts are made of meat, fruits and vegetables, and are accompanied by Arab-style sauces, sweet and delicious . Fruits and vegetables are served with yoghurt, olive oil, salt, etc., which are delicious and appetizing. There is also a crispy Arabian flatbread, which is sprinkled with sesame seeds and then baked, with a pure noodle flavor.

In some major cities in the UAE or in small restaurants and restaurants frequented by locals, you can eat raw salads and shawarmas. If you are not used to eating raw meat, you can ask the chef to make the meat. Cooked.

What should I pay attention to in Dubai visa?

First of all, Dubai has opened the visa application policy to China. Let s sort out the preparations before going to Dubai. No matter whether you are entering from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the local customs can do the landing visa, so you do not need to worry about the white passport, you can apply directly. In addition, the UAE visa is free of charge. Generally, you only need a passport when entering the country.

It is very simple to apply for a landing visa. At the immigration counter of the immigration hall or the staff who maintains the queue order, say: Visa on arrival, show them your passport and point you to the counter in line. The tourist visa for Dubai is for one month and cannot be extended! You must leave the country upon expiry, or you will be fined. If there are bad records, it will affect visa processing when going to other countries.

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