Where to go to China in winter? Recommended places for winter tourism

Now it s winter. Although the weather is cold, I believe that everyone will start to be impetuous again. Especially when you see the dynamics of the first snow in the circle of friends, you can t sit still. So where is it good to go in winter? What are the good places in winter in China?

Winter tourism must look at the snow, especially for children in the south. Of course, playing in the snow has to go to the northeast. I believe that there will be various video brushing videos on the Internet soon. When traveling to Harbin, not only go to the Ice Festival to see various ice sculptures, but also go to major ski resorts to ski, and of course, go to the recording location of Where Daddy Goes -Xuexiang. Sitting on a local pit at night, eating a big pot stew, extra warm.

Tibet in winter is also very beautiful. Winter is the off-season for traveling to Tibet. However, this year the Tibet Tourism Department has specially launched the Winter Tour to Tibet preferential policy. One of the currently announced policies is that the Potala Palace will run from November 1 to next year. Free visit on March 15th! When traveling to Tibet in winter, you can go to Namtso, which is frozen for thousands of miles, Yangzhuo Yongcuo like a fairyland in winter, the beauty of Wuhu after the snow, and the charm of Snowy River South in Linzhi … The trip will not let you down.

Xinjiang has much less noise in winter and is full of tranquility. The Kanas Scenic Area in winter, wrapped in silver, is like a fairy tale world. The Tuwa village, the wooden house in the snow, the sloppy cooking smoke, and the upright white birch form a fairyland-like picture. There are also Sailimu Lake, Turpan, Kashi, Tianchi, Yili, etc. in winter, which are exceptionally quiet and pure.

Near Sichuan and West Sichuan, there are many snow-seeing spots worth visiting in winter. For example, the world of ice and snow in Xiujia-Mount Emei, the low-altitude glacier kingdom-Hailuogou, Chengdu s playing snow garden-Bipengou , the fairy tale in Kangding love song-Mugecuo, a great place to watch Gongga Mountain -Zimei Pass, the Eastern Alps-Siguniang Mountain, the Dagu Glacier that is constantly snowing all year round, the red Buddhist country full of faith-Seda · Winter is about to open a snow paradise.

Xiamen is a very beautiful place, suitable for traveling all year round. Xiamen in winter is not cold, and the minimum temperature is rarely below 10 degrees, which is good for winter travel. In winter, Xiamen is not covered with silver, nor withered , everything is still green. Gulangyu Island, Huandao Road, Zengyu, Hulishan Fort, Baicheng Beach … See if it is the Xiamen you remember?

Yunnan is also a place where the seasons are like spring. There are fewer snow days in winter, the sun is shining at noon, and it is a bit cold in the morning and evening. When traveling to Yunnan, you can go sightseeing in mountains and rivers, visit ancient towns, and taste delicious food. Various Yunnan provinces will give you different experiences at the same time. The trips you want can satisfy you here.

If you want to avoid the cold in winter, you must choose Sanya, Hainan. The waves and beaches, blue sky and white clouds, and the four seasons like summer are the true portrayals of Sanya. Various sea items and gourmet feasts make you feel like you are in summer. Therefore, when going to Sanya, Hainan in winter, you must carefully prepare for the amount of preparation, and the summer clothes at the bottom of the box must be turned out again.

The temperature of Hong Kong in winter is also good, and traveling to Hong Kong is also a good choice. The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is definitely to see the spectacular seventh wonder of modern times with your own eyes. Of course, in addition to going to major parks and major classic attractions to check in, one must not miss is shopping. Hong Kong s major shopping malls and duty-free shops will do activities in December, especially Christmas in December is even more exciting and exciting, so you can also make a temporary purchase in winter in Hong Kong!

Although the winter is very cold and everyone wants to lie in the quilt, the motherland is very good, and it is still suitable to go for a walk, grab the tail of 2018, and take a look outside!

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