Where is the Dead Sea in China

The Dead Sea is no stranger to everyone. It is located on the border of Israel and Jordan. It is the lowest lake in the world, and it is also the deepest saltwater lake and the most salty lake in the world. People can float on it without sinking. In China, there is also a Dead Sea, you know?

The Dead Sea in China is located in Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province. It is an underground ancient salt lake formed 150 million years ago. Its salt brine reserves are very rich. Because its salt content is similar to the Dead Sea in the Middle East, people can float and sink in the water. Therefore, it is called the Dead Sea of

China s Dead Sea tourism resort has a variety of water entertainment projects. When you walk into the Dead Sea in China, you will be in a dream world beyond the reality-surfing, V-shaped slides, China Dead Sea Fashion and Fitness Center , spinning bikes, hot yoga, etc. It is an excellent fitness program for sports enthusiasts; the professional treatment of the true Dead Sea mineral mud and Chinese Dead Sea mineral salt in the salt treatment center is the highest enjoyment that beauty lovers must not miss .

How did you get to the Dead Sea in China?

Tips for self-driving: the total length is about 114 kilometers, the journey is about 1 hour, and the unilateral toll is about 40 yuan (car).

Chengdu—Chengnan Expressway—Daying County—Under Expressway Intersection—Dead Sea, China

Bus Tips: You can take Bus 301 at Dongfeng Bridge or Wannianchang to Shiling Coach Station. From 8.30am to 5.45pm, there is a bus that departs for Britain approximately every hour. The fare is more than 30 yuan, and the road conditions are very good. It can be reached within an hour and a half. You can reach the scenic area by taking a taxi for 5 yuan.

The best time to travel: The Dead Sea is summer and May Day, and National Day is the peak season. It is recommended that you do not go on the weekends when it is the hottest, otherwise it is all people and it is not easy to play.

Ticket Price of Dead Sea Area in China: 200 yuan / sheet for full price, 150 yuan / sheet for child, 268 yuan / sheet for black mud (one scenic spot ticket, black mud experience once).

There are many interesting attractions in Suining, which can be downloaded to view. Recommended accommodation around Suining:

Here, you can experience the horror of falling from the tip of the waves and the rapids pouring down for thousands of miles, enjoying the leisurely flow like a duckweed, let the flowing water wash away all the troubles and sorrows, and then scream to release the inner joy If crazy, give happiness an exit!

Suining China s Dead Sea is located in Daying County, Sichuan Province. It is an underground ancient salt lake formed 150 million years ago. Its salt brine resources are very abundant. Because its salt content is similar to the “Dead Sea” in the Middle East, people can float in the water without sinking. Known as the Dead Sea of

Dead Sea Tourism Resort in China

The tourist area of ​​Longfeng Ancient Town is located to the south of Chuanshan District, Suining City, Sichuan Province, and borders Dajiangta Village in the east, Yongshiqiao Village in the south, Zhangdeqiao Village in the west, and Tianxingba Village and Zhangfeiliang Village in the north. It belongs to Nanqiang Town In Longfeng Village, the total area is about 148.22 hectares. The tourist area is located in Chuanshan District, where Chengdu and Chongqing are two major urban highways and railways. The Chuanshan District is 140 kilometers and 120 kilometers away from Chengdu and Chongqing, respectively. Both are within a two-hour drive of Suining. National Highway 318, Chengnan Expressway, Suiyu Expressway, Suimian Expressway, Dadu Railway, Suiyu Railway intersect here, and the external transportation network is developed. There are dense urban and rural roads in Chuanshan District, and Nanhang Avenue is the city center and tourist area. The main communication channel of Longla o Road passes through, forming a car circulation ring in the entire tourist area. The traffic is very convenient and the traffic location advantage is obvious.

Tonglingquan Temple is located in Lingquan Mountain in the east of Suining City, facing Guangde Temple across the Minjiang River. The temple is built on the mountain, with pine trees and cypress trees. There is a spring in the mountains. The color is sweet and the flavor is not overflowing all year round. It is called Lingquan. The scenic area is divided into two areas, the upper temple and the lower temple. Xiamiao attractions: Three-sided Guanyin, Hengha Temple, Enshi Tower, Qianlong Wall, Fanyin Pavilion, Meishan Book House, Daxiong Baodian; Shangmiao attractions: Sanyanjing, twenty-four filial piety, flying cypress, Guanzhi Pavilion Yin Yang Tomb, Guanyin Bai, etc. Lingquan Temple has many mountain forests, lush foliage, and lush greenery. It is a good time to travel all year round. The most lively time is the three Chinese Guanyin Festivals and the Chinese New Year on February 19, June 19, and September 19.

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