Where are the most tourist attractions in China?

If we use provincial-level administrative units, it is undoubtedly the capital of our great motherland, Beijing, not to mention the nationally famous landmarks such as the bird s nest and other tourist attractions. If you choose some of the best places to visit in various humanities, such as museums, famous schools, and art venues, you will be satisfied with your stay in Beijing for a month.

The National Palace Museum, the National Museum need not say. Our majestic Chinese people, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the long history of civilization, the vast land of China and all the things can be appreciated here. These international museums are worth your few days of exploring the military museums in China enough to worship every military fan. Do you want to see the mortars that attack Abe Jixiu? Would you like to see the US Polar Bear Regiment flag seized by the volunteers? Do you want to see a branch with many shrapnel embedded in Ganling? Why the battle flag is so beautiful, the blood of Yinghao stained it!

The Geographic Museum, Zoo Museum, and Sedan Museum can satisfy every child s beautiful dream of this international. When I was 6 years old, I looked up at the starry sky at the Geographic Museum, learned how to analyze the constellation time through the dome film, and discovered the seeds of this international Already germinated in my heart. The red building of Peking University, Tsinghua University of Mizuki, and the blood of the May Fourth youth who came by the lake to find the May Fourth youth died in the quietness of the lotus pond.

Looking at the interesting juggling on the Tianqiao, listening to the funny crosstalk in the tea garden, the National Theatre appreciates opera, and 798 understands the art of forwards. These are all different feelings that a national civilization center can bring to you. When it comes to eating, Beijing cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines. Beihai s fake meals, Quanjude s ducks, Donglaishun s lamb, these delicious cuisines, all stationed in Beijing all over the country can also allow you to directly appreciate the beauty of China, the United States, China and China In addition, there are so many foreign flavors waiting for you to understand.

If you plan to go to Beijing, the province with the most abundant travel resources should be Sichuan Province. Even if you dont have a plan to travel to Chengdu, what about a pure-eat tour? What s more, Sichuan has so much beauty. The UNESCO International Natural and Civilized Heritage, which is the first in the world, belongs to all humankind, and is also the most worthwhile travel destination. As of 2016, there are only 50 places in China that have been recognized as international heritage.

Sichuan During this period, Sichuan occupied five places, second only to the Forbidden City of Beijing, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall (part of), the Temple of Heaven, and the Ming Tombs. Qingcheng Shandujiangyan is a civilized heritage. The giant panda habitat, Huanglong, and Jiuzhaigou are three natural heritages. You must know that there are only 11 such beautiful places in China as international natural heritage, and there are 3 in Sichuan. Leshan Emei Mountain is an unparalleled natural and civilized heritage (a total of 4 places in the country). In addition, Siguniangshan, Miyaluo, Bifengxia, Shunan Bamboo Sea, and Sanxingdui are all enchanting travel destinations..

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