What souvenirs are worth buying when traveling around the country

During the trip, everyone likes to buy and buy, just like taking photos with the scenic area. It seems that if you dont buy a few local souvenirs, you cant prove that you have been to this place. Of course, some tourists are there to bring friends and relatives. Order a small gift and go back. China has a large land and a vast museum, and there are many scenic spots throughout the country. Each area has its own souvenirs. So which souvenirs are worth buying when you travel around? Today, the editor of Chongqing Travel Agency has organized some souvenirs that must be bought for tourism everywhere. Let s see if you have lost a few pieces!

Xi an-replica of terracotta warriors and horses

With the excavation and display of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, replicas of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses are also becoming ideal souvenirs and gifts for Chinese and foreign tourists. With the excavation and exhibition of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, its varieties are suitable for display in art museums, museums, etc., and can also be used for family furnishings, decoration, and gifts to relatives and friends. Meet the shopping needs of Chinese and foreign tourists, making Qin figurines out of Shaanxi and trace the world.

Shaanxi folk paper-cut has a long history, a wide range of topics, unique styles, and is very prosperous. Whenever there are festive festivals and events such as the Spring Festival or marriage, people always put paper cuts on the windows or in the living room to show joy and joy. The folk paper-cuts in Shaanxi have the characteristics of sniping, succinct, crisp, and striking. The expression methods focus on concentration, generalization, exaggeration, decoration, and focus on freehand expressiveness.

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Thangka is scroll painting. This kind of painting is usually painted on silk or cloth. Because it depicts religious content and is easy to carry, it is widely popular in Tibet. The screen is covered with thin silk and double ribbons. After the Thangka that involves Buddhism is painted and mounted, it is generally necessary to ask for blessings and cover with gold juice or cinnabar handprints on the back. There are also very small amounts of filigree, embroidery and pearl Thangka. Thangka s drawing is extremely complicated and the materials are extremely sophisticated. The pigments are all natural mineral plant raw materials. The color is beautiful and durable. It has a strong snow style. It is a souvenir that many tourists visiting Tibet like.

The yak-fried beef from the Tibetan area is made from fresh beef back, buttocks and thighs. It is naturally air-dried, with firm and tender meat. And has high protein, low fat, low calories, rich in various amino acids and other characteristics, nutritional value is ten times that of ordinary beef.

Tibet-Tibetan silver

The Tibetan mosaic decoration technique is very superb. Tibetan silver jewelry is often inlaid with red coral and agate. Tibetan silver and other plateau-specific materials are polished into an ornament, which is also one of the characteristics of Tibetan jewelry. Wearing on the body can not only fully reflect the beauty of beauty, but also auspicious or evil spirits, and at the same time add a primitive and rough wild charm to the wearer.


The silk brocade of Hangzhou is a symbol of the confluence of exquisite and harmonious beauty. It has a long history, light texture, and beautiful colors. It has been exported overseas as early as the Han Dynasty. It has the reputation of the flower of oriental art. Carrying the life and artistic sentiments of Hangzhou people, the title of Silk House continues to this day and grows louder and louder. Its handicrafts include landscape paintings, table blankets, cushions, curtains and brocade fabrics, which have become one of the must-buy souvenirs for many tourists traveling to Hangzhou.

West Lake Silk Umbrella, with bamboo as the bone, silk face, light and pleasing to the eye, is known as the West Lake Flower. It was created in the early 1930s. It is said that it was created by Zhu Zhenfei, a worker at Dujinsheng Silk Mill. Due to the proper selection of materials and fine production, it was welcomed as soon as it was on the market. The umbrella surface is made of Hangzhou silk, hence the name Xihu Silk Umbrella. The packaging is exquisite , easy to store for a long time, and the practicability is not bad. When sent, it has a sense of grade and identity. Combined with the style and pattern, it can reflect the characteristics of Hangzhou. It is also a souvenir that some people like.

Yunnan-Wutong silver

The Wuwu Copper Go Silver is a traditional copper handicraft unique to the Han nationality in Yunnan, and was founded in Shiping, Yunnan. It uses copper as the tire. It engraves various patterns on the tire, then fills the molten silver (or gold) water into the pattern. After cooling, it is polished and smoothed. After a long time, the copper naturally turns to black and reveals silver. (Or gold) pattern, showing a clear decorative effect in black and white (or black and yellow) , antique and elegant. Because it is generally mostly inlaid with silver, it is called black copper to go silver. In the past, this handicraft was mostly a study utensil. The categories are very wide now.

Yunnan-animal bone lettering decorations

There are many such laughs in Yunnan. These small lettering shops are always full of people. Watching the craftsman holding a plotter and engraving the blessings of tourists to family and friends on the bones of the beasts, the emotions are complicated and unspeakable. There are admiration of the opponent art, but also a little excitement and expectation.

The flower cake is a classic snack that can be found everywhere in Yunnan. Whether it is a traditional dim sum workshop on the roadside or a tall bakery chain, they sell such a crispy flower cake filled with flowers as the main filling. It is also a must-see Yunnan companion. Gifts. The best date for flower cakes is from June to September each year. The crispy noodles are wrapped in sweet rose petals or rattan flowers.


Tie-dyed cloth is a traditional dyed fabric produced by the Bai people in Zhoucheng, Dali. It uses local soil indigo as a dye, and turns the original color white into artificial patterns such as gossip pictures, butterfly, three towers reflection , and plum blossoms . It is cold-dyed 11 times in the dyeing solution. Once unfolded, you get a white flower pattern on a blue background. Its characteristic is simple and generous color, not easy to change color. Clothing, interior windows, curtains, tablecloths, wall hangings and other decorative materials, as well as a variety of souvenirs such as commemorative bags, commemorative towels, are welcomed at home and abroad.

Tang Sancai is a treasure of the ancient ceramics firing process of the Han nationality. Its full name is the Tang Dynasty glaze pottery. It belongs to a kind of low temperature lead glaze pottery that prevailed in the Tang Dynasty. The basic glaze color is yellow , green and white. In 1905, the Longhai Railway Luoyang During the construction of Duan Duan, a group of tombs of the Tang Dynasty were found in Beidaishan, the ancient capital of Luoyang. Later, people used to call this type of pottery Tang Sancai .

The founder Liu Qiu started to sell his wife s cakes in Liyumen, specializing in snacks such as Chinese sweets and egg rolls. The signature Amber Walnut uses wild walnuts from the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, instead of frying by baking to reduce nutrient loss, and adds the same healthy seasonings such as laver, brown sugar, flax seeds, sea salt, etc. to create a variety of different flavors.

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In terms of cultural product development, the Forbidden City has a large collection advantage. In addition to cultural products with a sense of history and knowledge, some practical and interesting products, such as creative luggage tags and creative refrigerator stickers, have been widely praised.

In the past two years, the cultural tourism products developed by the Palace Museum have become more and more popular. Among them, Q version Chinese style dolls are most popular with consumers. Such souvenirs combine traditional culture and fun, which is very novel and interesting .


Phoenix batik is primitive and simple. It pays attention to composition. The formed fabric is colorful and flowing. The artistic style of the format is unique and pure, giving a natural and pure artistic sense. Phoenix batik is divided into two major schools: one is Tujia batik printing cloth; the other is Miao batik soil cloth. Tujia batik printing emphasizes pure color matching, pays attention to composition, and the formed fabrics are colorful and colorful. The format art style is unique and beautiful. The outstanding process feature is hot color. The Miao batik soil cloth pays attention to pure dyeing. Pure artistic sense and outstanding craftsmanship are cool colors. Batik works can be seen everywhere in the ancient city, and tourists can buy them everywhere.

But you have to buy some, usually a small bag of 2 yuan a bag, the smallest one yuan a bag. They are all processed on the street, and they taste good, so you can buy some. It s good to go back to give away, the big bag is not easy to get, just buy 2 yuan a bag. But not so good, the packaging is a bit rough.

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Spicy peanuts are blended from North and South flavors, after complex ingredients, strict craftsmanship and multiple production processes. The finished spicy peanuts are golden in color, taste inside and outside, crispy, blended with north and south flavors, and spicy, salty and sweet . It is famous for its unique style and other characteristics. It is loved by the general public and has gradually become a well-known brand in Kaifeng. Long-time food, suitable for all ages, travel at home, served with tea, banquet and friends to share the best products, thus becoming one of the famous flavor.

The clamshell carving is a handicraft made of colored shells, carefully crafted into a variety of forms and specifications such as flat stickers, semi-reliefs, inlays, and three-dimensional shapes through cutting, lapping, polishing, stacking, and pasting.

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