What should I pay attention to when traveling in China? -The difference between North and South

Autumn is coming and winter is coming. Meet a few friends to go to the place you want to go, and realize a dream of their own travel. This season, there are relatives who want to come with Xue Jingyu, and those who want to experience the hot weather in the snow and ice season. They are on the same land, but the differences between the north and the south are still very large. The following editors will introduce to you the different points to note when traveling in the north and south.

First, friends from the south want to come with Xuejing

In terms of clothes: pay attention to cold protection, don t think of the winter northeast so terrible. Although it is more than 20 degrees below zero, it feels very refreshing and very comfortable. The body feels as cold as Guangzhou 3 degrees, of course. Wear enough clothes. In Harbin, a set of thermal underwear, two sweaters, a pair of wool pants, a pair of ordinary pants, a down jacket can be bought, shoes can be bought in Harbin, or mountaineering shoes here, but our ordinary leather shoes, sports shoes here Cant use it. Northeast people pay most attention to protecting their feet. As long as their feet are not cold, their whole body will not be cold. Of course, there are hats to protect the ears. If you want to go to Yabuli, Xuexiang, and even Mohe, you must buy an extra down pants.

2. Aspects of eating: Go up to go because of the low temperature, drink as much as you can and eat meat, but the taste is too heavy, especially in rural areas. We even ask not to put salt when cooking, and the dishes they make are still salty. Lines, lines: Trains should be used as much as possible in the Northeast. Rail transportation in the Northeast is well developed, and there are fewer travelers during the Spring Festival. Tickets can be bought at any time, including hard and soft sleepers. In terms of law and order: in the cities, as in ours, rural people are even more simple, although rest assured.

4. Aspects of play: If you haven t been to the Northeast in winter, you should first go to the city to see. The streets and ice sculptures in Harbin are still very good, but the city is a bit bad because it is burned with coal to heat the entire city. The black and black surface, including the ice sculpture, is also a layer of black and black. If you want to see the white snow, you must go to the suburbs. This is how I first went to the city and then to the countryside.

5. In terms of health: Southerners do not take a bath every day. Some hotels in the city can go to the outside bathhouse without hot water. It is very convenient. There is a place in the Arctic Village where you can take a hot bath for 3 yuan each time and live in Xuexiang. Villagers can call the owner to boil water in their homes. They are sleeping fire pits in the countryside. If they are not used, they may have skin allergies, not because they are dirty, but because they are heated by the pits. Take some skin medicine.

6. In terms of communication: Except that there is no mobile phone signal in Xuexiang, generally there are signals. As long as the railway is near the station, there will be signals. The Arctic Village is both strong and stable. I really do nt know how China Mobile did it.

7. In terms of equipment: Except for the clothing mentioned above, general SLR cameras can be used. Several of our Canon, Nikon, and Minolta can be used normally. The Minolta I used was all white. A layer of ice does not affect the use, but the battery is consumed very quickly. It is necessary to bring a sufficient spare battery. It is best to bring a moisture-proof bag. Before entering the room, first put the camera in a moisture-proof bag to prevent the lens from fogging. Hygiene should bring some sanitary paper towels.

Twenty-two friends from the north want to travel to the south

1. The winter in the south is wet and cold, while the winter in the north is dry and cold. Winter is actually sadder than in the north, because there is no heating in the room, so it will feel colder. But these two days are warm again, so prepare some thick and thin clothes

2. Southerners eat everything. If you can t accept it, it s better not to order those weird dishes.

Dont eat too much if you eat seafood, especially if you have sensitive skin, it ’s best not to eat it. It’ s easy to have a bad stomach during the journey.

3. Southerners have a light taste. If you are not used to it, it is recommended to bring packaged mustard and other suitable food for your own taste.

4. Southerners eat flour, of course, there will be a lot of northeast. In fact, now that the economy is developing, you can eat home-style food everywhere, and you should not be unaccustomed to it.

5. The water and soil in the south are easy to get angry, so you can also drink herbal tea at the supermarket or herbal tea shop

6. Talk about ordinary lines. Don t touch the things you don t plan to buy, don t ask the price, let alone bargain. When you buy gifts, you can go to the specialty store to see what local specialties are . If you need to buy it, you can buy it in a specialty store, but the supermarket may be cheaper (of course, some things in the supermarket and specialty stores will be cheaper and some things will be more expensive, so the price is generally the same)

8. Prepare some gastrointestinal medicine and cold medicine

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