What issues should girls pay attention to when traveling for the first time alone?

Either the hotel you stay at or the contact person in the country. In case of any situation, if you dont know the contact information, you cant contact anyone. So make sure to write it down and take it with you. If it looks suspicious, it will be obvious that it is not a local. This is a great opportunity for criminals, and you are locked in an instant. Let s go straight and show what local people look like.

I think that if a girl is traveling for the first time, I think the most important thing is safety. Safety must be taken seriously, and then you can usually bring some convenient small items, because the supplies in the hotel are no longer clean. I think it s very convenient to bring my own gadgets with me.

For girls, if you go out to live alone for the first time, you must do a good job. In addition, you must protect some of your personal safety and property security. Because girls are usually more lonely when they go out alone. If it is implemented, it is very likely that you will not be able to go back, so it is very important to pay attention to this aspect of the problem, and to check the local alarm phone. These are very important.

In my opinion, the first time a girl traveled to China and she was alone, she must pay special attention to safety, and she must carry some anti-wolf sprays with her. Don t trust the stranger, if you cant find the way, we You can use the police or sanitation workers on the road. Don t trust strangers. Be safe in the place you live in. Don t just go to somewhere and stay.

If a girl is traveling alone in China for the first time, she must pay attention to many problems. The biggest problem is safety. Be sure to carry some anti-wolf sprays or emergency alarms in her bag to prevent any accidents. First, pay special attention to accommodation. Try to pay attention to safer hotels. If you are alone, dont go to a homestay or a youth hostel.

If you put all your money in a wallet, it will be hopeless when stolen. It is important to diversify your money. By the way, try to carry your bag, backpack or shoulder bag with you as much as possible without leaving your hand. Smiling and waiting after eye contact will make others think that you are interested in him, and may continue to entangle or prank you.

I think girls need to pay attention to these issues when they first travel domestically for the first time. Dont think that we are traveling domestically, then relax your vigilance. Even if you are traveling domestically, you will also be harassed by this or that. So girls When traveling for the first time in the country, you must pay attention and be more vigilant.

I think the first time a girl travels to China by herself, then it should be to live a weather problem, because in the process of traveling, you cannot stop, so you cant go because of the weather. The reason and stop , so you should take care of a weather at that moment, choose a sunny day and then go on a tour.

The first time a girl travels to China by herself, the places and issues that need more attention are that first of all, we cant believe in strangers. We must be careful. Secondly, a girl must prepare a map in advance when traveling to China, because Girls generally don t have a strong sense of direction, so prepare maps in advance.

In China, it is good for girls to travel by themselves for the first time, but when choosing a place to travel, you must choose some more prosperous places, and do not go to some places such as deep forests and old forests. Because girls are more dangerous to go on their own, on the other hand, make some good plans in advance, such as booking a round-trip ticket.

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