What are all the tourist attractions in Wuhu of Anhui Province

1. Wuhu Fangte Oriental god painting aaaaa

Wuhu Fangte Oriental god painting is located in Fangte tourist resort, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, covering an area of about 500000 square meters, including eight large-scale theme areas, with more than ten large-scale theme projects presented exclusively by Fangte. With hundreds of wonderful sub items including exclusive theme projects, amusement projects, song and dance performances, boutique landscape pieces, characteristic sculptures and delicious food, it’s worth spending a whole day to experience the long and profound history and civilization of five thousand years in China and the exquisite color of modern high-tech. Dongfang Shenhua is a large-scale high-tech theme park full of legends. It is another brand-new large-scale high-tech theme park built by Shenzhen Huaqiang culture and technology group, the largest theme park investment operator in China, after the fun world, Fantasy Kingdom and water park. Fangte Oriental god painting is a magical Oriental painting. It uses the latest technological means to unfold a splendid painting with five thousand years of Chinese history and civilization in an inconceivable form. It is like a dream, a cry, a statement and a poem. Fangte Oriental god painting is a theme park suitable for all ages. It is suitable for family parent-child leisure travel and also for young people to explore.

2. Wuhu Fangte water park aaaaa

Located in the east of Wuhu City, Wuhu Fangte water park is the largest water theme park in East China. Wuhu Fangte water park, as the first water resort with water features and water activities as its content, is another masterpiece launched by Huaqiang group in East China after Fangte happy world and Fangte dream kingdom. Wuhu Fangte water park is mainly divided into eight areas: Children’s area, wave making area, big horn area, hejiahuan area, super interactive water village area, fast slide area, python area and competition slide area. There are many international mainstream boutique projects in each area, such as: ancient tree exploration, trumpet, pirate ship and bear paradise in children’s area; hurricane Bay, Aegean Bay, lazy river, gun barrel slide and sled slide in wave making area; big trumpet in big trumpet area; flying in hejiahuan area; bear haunting water village and ice river rafting in super interactive water village area; fast slide area The limit of wind speed in Python area; the whirling of the sky in Python area; the rainbow slide in competition slide area. Many of them won the best water equipment award of International Industry Tourism Association. Here, you can enjoy the unlimited pleasure of the wave impact; you can enjoy the leisure romance of the seaside style; you can feel the wonderful pleasure of wandering in the stream at any time.

3. Wuhu Fangte happy world aaaaa

Wuhu Fangte happy world, China’s largest fourth generation theme park and national 5A level tourist attraction, is located in Wuhu Huaqiang tourist city, Anhui Province, invested and built by Shenzhen Huaqiang group. Fangte happy world is built with the most advanced concepts and technologies, which can be called “world class”. Wuhu Fangte happy world is composed of 15 main theme project areas, including sunshine square, Fangte happy avenue, fisherman’s Wharf, space world, mysterious valley, Vesuvius volcano, legend of westward journey, fairy Valley, Liaozhai, dinosaur Peninsula, hailuowan, doubi farm, children’s Kingdom, water world, fireball, etc., including more than 300 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects It includes many world-class super large projects, most of which are suitable for all ages. On August 3, 2016, the National Tourism Administration held a press conference to approve the Fangte tourist area in Wuhu City, Anhui Province as a 5A level scenic spot.

4. Wuhu Fangte dream kingdom aaaaa

Wuhu Fangte dream kingdom is located in Huaqiang culture and Technology Industrial Park, Shandong Road, Chizhu, Jiujiang District, Wuhu City, covering an area of 700000 square meters. The park is composed of more than 10 project areas, including magic castle, golden mountain, light of life, Monkey King, light of ancient civilization, adventure of Qinling mausoleum, future police, Pansi cave, Castle, happy world, Fangte Park, etc., including more than 200 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects. Among them, there are large-scale live action drama Monkey King, real life 3D visual performance – song of flying, tracking three-dimensional magic performance – Magic Castle, high-tech project to explore the mysterious code of life evolution – light of life, large-scale indoor drift project to experience real-life flood disaster – flood and gold mountain, in addition, there are thrilling and exciting fast-moving cars, big pendulum, wave overturning Roll, turn the cup and other entertainment items, wonderful, waiting for you to explore. Here you can see the Fangte TV studio, experience the atmosphere and process of TV shooting, and get close contact with animators in the studio to understand the mystery of modern production. You can also walk into the studio, and animation professionals can reveal the mystery to you. Take a boat and walk slowly, just like returning to the Bank of the west lake where the rain is like a dream.

5. Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Garden AAAA

Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Park is located on the beautiful lion mountain in the 11th Middle School of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, with the Yangtze River in the West and Zheshan in the East. With its exquisite and beautiful buildings and rich cultural relics, it has won the unanimous praise of tourists, and has been approved as the “national patriotism education demonstration base” and “one of the national 100 red tourism classic scenic spots” by the relevant units of the state. Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Park was founded in 1986, the 80th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Wang Jiaxiang. At that time, vice president of the State – personally, unveiled the bronze bust of Wang Jiaxiang. 1980 – General Secretary of the state inscribed a plaque to commemorate Wang Jiaxiang. In 2006, on the centenary of Wang Jiaxiang’s birth, Wuhu Municipal Party committee and municipal government decided to carry out the reconstruction and expansion project of Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Park in order to express their respect and memory for Wang Jiaxiang.

-Comrade Wang Jiaxiang personally wrote the name of the memorial garden. The expanded Wang Jiaxiang Memorial Park covers an area of 1.24 hectares, with a building area of 1700 square meters, and is composed of life exhibition hall, comprehensive hall, Tibetan hall, etc. The memorial square covers an area of 2000 square meters and is composed of bronze statues and relief walls. There are six exhibition halls in the exhibition hall of Wang Jiaxiang’s life, which respectively introduce his great contributions and achievements in various historical periods of the Chinese revolution.

6. Marenqifeng forest tourist area AAAA

Marenqifeng forest tourist area is located in Fanchang County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It is a provincial forest park and a national AAAA level tourist area. Located at the junction of Fanchang, Tongling and Nanling counties on the South Bank of the Yangtze River, it is located in the middle of the southern Anhui tourism belt, known as the “gateway of Southern Anhui”. It is a beautiful landscape masterpiece in the 800 Li Wanjiang style gallery with beautiful rocks and trees. It is 438 kilometers away from Shanghai, 150 kilometers away from Nanjing, 180 kilometers away from Hefei, 80 kilometers away from Xuancheng, 50 kilometers away from Wuhu. The national highway 318 and 205 pass through it. The exit of the expressway along the river under construction is only 20 kilometers away from the scenic spot. The mountain of Maren mountain is abrupt, with beautiful peaks and rocks, and unique landform. It has a quiet, dangerous, beautiful and strange landscape composed of strange peaks and rocks, Jiamu Xiuzhu, rare birds and birds, and ancient temple Mingquan. Marenqi peak has a subtropical climate. The climate is mild throughout the year, with an annual average temperature of 15.9 ℃. It has four distinct seasons, long winter and summer, short spring and autumn, humid air and sufficient light. The scenic area is rich in animal and plant resources, including rare animals such as Eagle, ring necked pheasant, Swertia, deer, giant salamander, white faced fox, pangolin, squirrel, etc.; there are more than 600 species of plants in 68 families, dozens of natural woody flowers and grasses, dense forests, coverage rate of 95%, and evergreen in four seasons.

7. Zheshan scenic spot AAAA

Zheshan scenic spot is located in Jinghu District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. The ancients praised Zheshan as the “xiongshan” of Jiangcheng, which has always enjoyed the reputation of “Yufeng” and “baichi float”, and it is regarded as the symbol of Wuhu. If the mountain is not high, the immortal will be named. Zheshan has “four indelible flowers, evergreen trees all year round.” Since ancient times, it has attracted tourists with its unique style. Many famous scholars of all dynasties have visited Zheshan and left many popular poems. Zheshan is not high, but it is the best place to overlook the Jiangcheng Wuhu. According to legend, Gan Jiang cast swords in the neighborhood, and the fire reflected the mountain into ochre. Huang Tingjian, a famous calligrapher in the Song Dynasty, once lived here. The scenic spot is now the national 4A scenic spot. In the planning land of Zheshan Park, 10 mu plot is used for water surface expansion, and the connection with the original water surface is opened, forming a water landscape belt of more than 20 mu. At the same time, the retaining wall 10 meters high and 70 meters long in the west of xiaozheshan was transformed into an artificial waterfall.

8. Yugeng mountain cultural tourist attraction AAAA

Yugeng mountain cultural tourist attraction is planned and designed by first-class Spanish design experts. It is a national 4A level tourist attraction and an important cultural card for Wuhu to build a happy city. The park is a tourism cultural and creative block with the theme of wine culture. Combined with the existing western architecture, civil air defense features, religious culture and local customs of Wuhu, it creates a tourism cultural and Creative Industrial Park hidden in prosperity and deep taste. In addition to the ubiquitous wine culture elements embedded in the park, and through the establishment of wine culture exhibition hall, wine way hall, tasting hall, regularly carry out wine Carnival activities, vigorously promote all kinds of wine culture. Yugengshan cultural tourism area will rely on wine culture, integrating tourism, experience, popular science, leisure, entertainment, shopping and other diversified tourism formats, forming a national level tourism area where liquor merchants depend on each other, regional linkage and integration of Chinese and Western wine culture experience.

9. Taoxinshuiyun tourist area AAAA

Taoxinshuiyun generally refers to the rural scenery of the water town centered on Taoxin Town, Wuhu County, which is named “taoxinshuiyun tourist area”, covering an area of 33.2 square kilometers. It is about 20 kilometers away from Wuhu urban area, close to Yanjiang expressway, Wuxuan Expressway and 205 national highway; Anhui Jiangxi railway runs through the whole area with 104 provincial roads and Wanshi highway; the tributary of the Yangtze River, Qingyi River, passes through the area; Wuhu urban area and Wuhu County highway are directly accessible; the highway network within 2 hours can reach Nanjing, Hefei, Xuancheng, Tongling and other large and medium-sized cities. Taoxinshuiyun tourist area has a pleasant climate, four distinct seasons, rich in grain and oil, lotus root, fish, shrimp, turtle, crab, known as the “land of fish and rice”. Taoxin Town, Wuhu County, makes full use of its rich tourism resources and introduces 10 kinds of excellent lotus in China. Since the beginning of summer, thousands of mu of water surface lotus leaves connect with the sky, and the lotus flowers reflect the sun, which makes “Tao Xinshui rhyme” more colorful and attracts tourists from far away.

10. Ma Renshan AAAA

Maren forest tourist area is located in Fanchang County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It is now a national 4A tourist area, National Forest Park, national agricultural tourism demonstration site, provincial geological park, Wuhu patriotism education base and Wuhu science popularization education base. Maren mountain stretches for more than 20 kilometers from east to west. For hundreds of millions of years, the wind and rain have carved the fantastic peaks, valleys and cliffs of Maren mountain; for hundreds of millions of years, the years have been like water, washing all the pomp and miscellaneous, revealing the unique dexterity, tranquility and elegance of Maren mountain. “Ma Renfeng”, “Lu Xun Feng”, “immortal ferry”, “Golden Rooster herald the dawn” and “18 Arhats in the South China Sea” seem to be real and illusory, competing for strange and skillful. It’s no wonder that Pan Zhiheng, a scholar of Ming Dynasty, after visiting Maren mountain, should marvel at the fact that it is an independent beauty and a lotus that has never been seen before. Its preciseness, its illusion, its accumulation, its dispersion, its Xi and its Zhang are incomparable between the stalagmites of Huangshan and Tianping mountain of Suzhou. The mountains are beautiful because of the forest. Nanmu forest, Castanopsis forest, Litsea cubeba forest and green bamboo forest are boundless and boundless, which constitute the unique forest landscape of Maren mountain. Nanmu forest, covering an area of 150 mu, is the original nanmu forest with the highest dimension and the largest area on the earth. The forest is rich in negative oxygen ions. It’s quiet and fresh. It’s really a natural oxygen bar. The culture of Maren mountain is rich and famous in Jiangnan since ancient times.

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