Wanquan River Rafting in Hainan

The Wanquan River drifts from Yanyuan to Huishan Township. It is about 15 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours. Drifting on the Wanquan River has both the passion and excitement of passing through the rapids and the dangerous shoals when it is shocked, and the poetic and picturesque views of the cross-strait scenery that slowly slow down. Tourists travel down the river in rubber boats, with rapids and shoals with various drops; there are wonderful peaks and rocks with divine shapes; flying waterfalls that run down the galaxy; Miao village cottages covered by coconut bamboo; crystal clear fish and shrimp in the river The red and white flowers of Shiliu River are full of joy; butterflies are fluttering, rock swallows are flying, mallard ducks swim, and mountain birds are chanting. They form a wonderful picture of the mountains with the quaint, kind, hard-working farming residents on both sides of the river. If you step into a fairyland …

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