Visas expired nearly 7 years illegally residing foreigners were repatriated by Xianyang police

The validity of the tourist visa has expired for nearly 7 years. A foreign woman who is stranded in Sanyuan County does not want to leave for some reason. During this time, she changed from a foreigner who came to China to become a three non -foreigner living in China illegally. Personnel means illegal entry, illegal stay, illegal employment). On May 24, the Exit-Entry Management Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Sanyuan County removed a Kyrgyz three African person from Urumqi International Airport .

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau that recently, in order to effectively maintain the foreign-related environment of the jurisdiction, the Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau has actively launched a special operation to combat the three Africans foreigners. According to the clues, it was found that a person hiding in the jurisdiction Suspicious foreign women.

Language is difficult to communicate. Finally, under the guidance of the immigration management department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, it was initially determined that the woman was a Kyrgyz national, but her visa was valid until June 25, 2012. This person entered the country from Urumqi with a tourist visa, did not go through the registration of temporary accommodation for foreigners, and had no other valid visa. According to the provisions of Article 60 of the Law of the People s Republic of China on Entry and Exit Administration , it was determined to be illegal residence. Based on the Departure and Entry Administration Law of the People s Republic of China , it is decided to make a decision on deportation.

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