United Currency launches Visa foreign currency cash card

Outbound travel is becoming a popular choice for more and more Chinese. The latest data show that in 2018, domestic tourism reached 5.539 billion, an increase of 10.8%, inbound tourism was 141 million, an increase of 1.2%, and outbound tourism was 150 million, an increase of 14.7%. This is the first time that Chinese outbound tourists have exceeded inbound tourists.

However, you have to spend money to eat, live and travel, not to mention planning in a foreign country. It s inconvenient to bring cash, and I m still worried about security; I dont have enough credit card to calculate the exchange rate and handling fee. Recently, Beijing United Currency Exchange Co., Ltd. Visa merchants can make purchases and use the Visa Foreign Currency Cash Card to withdraw local foreign currency cash at about 2 million Visa self-service cash machines , so that people no longer have to worry about spending money when traveling abroad.

Earlier, United Currency was approved by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to obtain the qualifications of the foreign currency cash cards of the two world clearing organizations, Master and Visa. United Currency Co-CEO Wang Kaiyu introduced to reporters that the Visa Foreign Currency Cash Card authorized by the international card organization VISA to meet consumer travel, study tours, cash withdrawal, shopping, cross-border e-commerce and other needs. It can be recharged in 7 currencies: USD, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro , British Pound, Japanese Yen and Hong Kong Dollar. It can be used as an overseas payment tool in multiple scenarios such as overseas online, offline merchants and ATM.

Compared with other payment methods, foreign currency cash cards have many advantages.

Convenience of application: College students and retirees cannot apply for bank credit cards without a credit history, and they can still apply for Visa foreign currency cash cards, which is very suitable for overseas students and customers traveling abroad for shopping.

Wide range of use: Visa foreign currency cash card supports the purchase of more than 40 million Visa merchants worldwide in terms of card consumption; ATM cash withdrawal supports nearly 2 million Visa self-service ATMs worldwide to withdraw local foreign currency cash; for Haitao shopping , you can Overseas e-commerce website with Visa logo, Haitao Shopping.

Flexible services: Compared to going to a bank to exchange foreign currencies or applying for a credit card for overseas settlement, the Union Currency Visa Foreign Currency Cash Card can be applied for WeChat public account (Union Currency) online, and the card can be immediately obtained offline. Public account self-service recharge, according to the real-time exchange rate, convert RMB into the required foreign currency and deposit it into Visa foreign currency cash card. After the foreign currency is deposited in the card, the consumption is settled in the foreign currency amount, and there is no need to worry about subsequent exchange rate fluctuations.

High Security: United Currency will exchange the recharge money received by customers and remit directly to overseas fund custodian banks, thereby ensuring the safety of customers funds.

In order to meet the upcoming summer vacation study and tourism peak, United Currency launched the first time to open a card to recharge $ 10 equivalent to $ 5, $ 300 equivalent to $ 5, recharge equivalent to $ 500 to $ 10, and recharge equivalent to $ 1,000 The 25-dollar event also announced that it plans to launch a free cash withdrawal activity in the second half of the year.

Established in August 2006, United Currency Headquarters is located in Beijing. It is one of the earliest institutions to carry out the private business for personal local and foreign currency exchange approved by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. It currently has currency exchange, cross-border money transfer, and foreign currency cash. Card, shopping tax rebate four major business sections, 52 franchise branches, covering 9 provinces and municipalities across the country.

After more than ten years of development, United Currency has become a professional foreign currency cash retailer with the most domestic and foreign currency exchange stores, the widest business coverage, and the largest business scale. It can provide banks and franchised institutions with the business of foreign currency cash inbound and outbound transportation and wholesale. And in cooperation with the world s largest Global blue and other eight tax refund groups, to provide travel customers in 36 countries and regions of the tax refund services.

Wang Kaiyu said that on the one hand, China s consumption upgrade is reshaping local consumer behavior, on the other hand, it has also brought new vitality to the global market and brought new development opportunities to companies such as United Currency.

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