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Since the disappearance of the Avengers group, reports on the Bermuda Triangle have been endless, and enthusiastic authors have been searching for evidence to support this mysterious and anomalous claim. The main basis of these authors is that the rate of disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle is very high, exceeding other seas; all disappearances occurred within or close to the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. The weather when the ship and the plane disappeared was very good. No distress signal was issued; there were no traces or clues after the accident; there was magnetic force in the triangle area that failed the compass.

According to statistics, there are only 200 cases of disappearances repeatedly mentioned in the Bermuda Triangle works, and about 250 aircraft (ships) are missing. According to the data, in 1975 alone, the US Coast Guard rescued 7,900 vessels in distress, 5600 of these vessels sank and capsized, 1,300 caught fire or exploded, and 1,000 were lost. Several rescue operations took place in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Islands are known as international tax havens and tourist destinations, and the sea and air shipping in this area is very busy. According to investigations by American scholars Cazor and Scott, out of 57 widely-disseminated Bermuda Triangle disappearance cases, only 36 cases did occur in the triangle. In order to add more ships and aircraft to the missing list, some authors have expanded the Bermuda Triangle to connect the Azores across the Atlantic, from the southern end to Brazil. Some people even count the Gulf of Mexico.

Lawrence Cusher, author of The Bermuda Triangle Mystery, believes that weather is a major factor in the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the triangle. However, the believers in the Triangle area either avoided the situation but did not lighten the weather, or they knew it was not good and deliberately said yes. In fact, more than half of the disappearances occurred in bad weather, and most of the disappearances were concentrated in winters with frequent snowstorms.

The statement of no trace left is quite mysterious, but this is not the case. Many disappearances have traces and clues, including wreckage, oil slicks, and distress signals before the disappearance. For example, the USS Scorpion nuclear submarine, which disappeared on May 22, 1968, has been found sunk at a depth of 3,000 meters at a depth of 400 nautical miles south of the Atlantic Azores. The USS Trieste submersible had visited the site and took photos of the wreckage. According to investigators analysis , the submarine was sunk by a torpedo fired by itself. In the mysterious story of the Bermuda Triangle, the Scorpion is another ending: the boat was ordered to track the ghost submarine of the aliens, and eventually became a captive of the aliens. Officers and soldiers were on board, and they would be sent home someday.

The author who supports the Bermuda Triangle Mystery claims that this sea area is an anomaly area of ​​the compass, where the compass does not point to magnetic north. In fact, the compass here points to both magnetic north and north pole. Generally speaking, the magnetic poles and geographic poles of the earth do not match. In Bermuda, the North Pole and the Magnetic Pole are on the same line, that is, the magnetic declination is zero. This situation is good for sailing because there is no need to calibrate the compass here.

Believers in the Bermuda Triangle are not willing to accept a logical explanation of the disappearance. They prefer to write stories, create suspense, distort facts, and render mystery to attract readers. Some disappearances did not even exist at all. If it was reported that in April 1962, the airport control tower of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, received a telegram from a twin-engine aircraft 30 kilometers away and requested instructions to land However, the radio contact was suddenly interrupted and the plane disappeared mysteriously. However, the director of civil aviation at Nassau International Airport said: I have been working at this airport, and we can t remember it. When analyzing the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle in a scientific manner, there is no hard evidence to prove that there is A mysterious area. The answer is simple. All the missing ships and planes have sunk to the bottom of the sea. The victims died of explosions, drowning and accidents. There is o nly one correct conclusion, namely that the Bermuda Triangle is a fictional mystery.

Which Where did the 19th Squadron go? Forty-five years after Captain Taylor and his Avengers fleet disappeared, the US Marine Expedition Deeper found the wreckage of five Avengers on the sea floor near Fort Lauderdale. According to the number on the wreckage, experts confirmed that the missing 19th squadron of the year had been found. This fact itself makes the myth about the Bermuda Triangle self-defeating. With the discovery of the wreckage of five Avengers, some details about the incident were also disclosed. Experts concluded that Captain Taylor was responsible for the five plane crashes. If he were a flying veteran, he was indifferent to Island Airlines. On the day of the accident, he left some navigation instruments in his dormitory. Taylor led the fleet shortly after taking off. Poole, who was then a flight instructor in Fort Lauderdale, wasn t surprised to hear Taylor s confused judgment, This happens when a pilot looks out the window and can t see anything else familiar . This situation, Poole said later, under normal circumstances, pilots will recover from panic and keep calm, but Taylor did not do so.

Investigations carried out 45 years later indicated that Tyler was not near the Florida peninsula at all, but was over the Bahamas. Due to Taylor s misjudgment of the target on the sea and his own thought that his compass has failed, he has since ceased to trust the pointer on the compass and directed the flight in his own sense.

One explanation for the cause of Taylor Trek is reasonable. According to Melvin Baker, a radio correspondent who was in contact with Squadron 19 at the time, the squadron encountered a strong northwesterly wind, blowing the aircraft into the waters south of Andrews Island. Since Taylor was newly defensive in Florida, when he looked down from the cockpit, he mistakenly believed that this area was the southern end of the Florida peninsula, so he made an arc flight north and then eastward. The west is near the base. But this route can only bring the fleet into the Atlantic Ocean and across the Bahamas to the east. Some pilots of the 19th Squadron had found Tyler s mistake at the time, but the obedience of the army to order this iron discipline kept them from flying with Taylor. Unfortunately, judging by where the wreckage was found, when the aircraft was about to run out of fuel, the follow me fleet had flown near the graveyard, but Taylor had no idea. There were indications that Taylor s fleet had attempted a forced landing at the last moment, but was immediately destroyed in the high winds. At that time, a storm forward had reached that area, bringing storms and tens of meters of waves. The white waters that pilots refer to are likely to refer to the violent gusts that stirred the sea. Landing on such a turbulent sea is tantamount to suicide. Even if the pilots were lucky enough to open their life rafts in time when the plane hit the sea, they could not escape the fate of being swallowed up by the sea.

As for the sailor seaplane going to rescue, it apparently exploded in the air. As it disappeared from the radar screen, the crew on the Gans Mills saw a fireball appear in the air. This type of aircraft has experienced many of the same accidents in the past, as they are prone to leaking oil.

Shortly after the disappearance of the Avengers fleet, US Navy investigators concluded that Captain Taylor was responsible for the accident. However, under the pressure of Taylor s mother Catherine, a subsequent review again declared that the previous investigation was not convincing, and the reason for the disappearance of the plane is unknown. This kindness of the US Navy will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for those who later render the mysterious story of the Bermuda Triangle.

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