Underground cities 4000 years ago

The Grimrim Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey, looks similar to the moon s surface. The volcanic sediments here stand grotesque stone castles. The ancient castle was formed after volcanic lava hardened and then eroded by wind and rain.

As early as the 8th and 9th centuries AD, the residents here began to hollow out the stone castle and convert it into a living room. People even drilled magnificent churches on the tufa body, enshrining colorful icons. However, Cappadocia s truly sensational discovery is buried underground, a huge underground city with tens of thousands of people to live in. The most famous of these is located near the village of Derinkuyu today. Access to the underground city is hidden under houses throughout the village. Here, people repeatedly come across the openings of ventilation holes, which extend from deep underground to the ground.

The entire area is full of tunnels and rooms. An underground city is a three-dimensional building divided into many floors. The underground city of Dailinkuyu Village has an area of ​​only 4 square kilometers on the uppermost floor; the five floors above can add up to 10,000 people. Today it is speculated that 300,000 people fled to the ground and hid in the whole area at that time, and there were 52 ventilation wells and 15,000 small tunnels in the underground city of Lincuyu alone. The deepest ventilation shaft is 85 meters deep. Cisterns are built at the bottom of underground cities to store water. Mr Demir is the discoverer of the underground maze, the underground city. This discovery was purely accidental. In Derinkuyu village, the basement below the house is used as a cold storage room. One day, Demir stumbled upon a hole in the refrigerator, and curiosity prompted him to dig down …

To date, there are no less than 36 underground cities found in this area. Not all of them are as large as the underground cities near Kaymakche or Derinkuyu, but they are all called cities. Top views of these cities have now been drawn. Those familiar with this area believe that the number of underground cities is much more than that. The underground cities found now are all connected by tunnels. The tunnel linking Kaymakche and Derinkuyu is 10 kilometers long.

Incredible underground cities! Cities do exist, but who is the builder? When were they built? What is the purpose? People have different opinions and speculations on this. Of course, some people cite specific historical facts for research. One of the historical facts is the early Christian period, when believers in this new religion sought refuge and finally chose it. The earliest batch was around the 2nd or 3rd century AD, and it continued into the Byzantine period, when the Arab army was struggling against the sturdy Constantinople ( now Istanbul). Christians at the time did escape here, but they were not the real builders. Underground cities existed before they arrived. Who built the underground city and when? My personal guess is as follows:

One thing I can say for sure is that the foundation of this area is made of tuff, because there is a fire mountain nearby. As long as obsidian, flint, is easy to hollow out, flint is not uncommon in this area. In this way, it may take more than a generation for the foundation to be hollowed out. Underground cities are mostly three-dimensional buildings with more than 13 floors. At the lowest level, people even found artifacts of the Semitic era.

Persemit is an ancient theocratic nation. They lived in this area around 1000-1800 BC. Its capital, Hatusash, is about 300 kilometers from Derinkuyu. Haitians once occupied the ancient imperial city of Babylon. In the beginning, the king of Haiti was considered as a god, and his status was roughly equivalent to that of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt. The Haitians did not have names, but only later. They often wear high hats to dress themselves. This hat we call today is a goblin hat. People wearing this hat can be seen all over the world, and the tradition is profound. I guess, this is the huge head that human beings want to imitate the messengers and limbs of alien civilization, which is a kind of beauty expression. For a long time, there have been many misunderstandings about this phenomenon of wearing a high hat. In fact, it was a worldwide fashion at that time, and in some places, such as ancient Egypt, it was permanently recorded by sculpture and painting.

One One question I have been thinking is, why do humans hide themselves? One obvious reason is due to the fear of the enemy. Who will be the enemy?

First, suppose the enemy on the ground owns the army. On the ground, they can certainly see the cultivated land and empty houses. In the underground city, there is a kitchen, and it is easy to starve or choke people in the underground city like a mousehole. So I guess people fear more than the enemy on the ground. They dig shelters in underground rocks because they are afraid of flying enemies. Does this conjecture make sense?

I certainly have. The Semites have described in their holy book Cobra Naxter how Emperor Solomon used a flying machine to make the area uneasy. Not only him, his son, but everyone who obeyed him, had also flown in an aircraft. The Arab historian Ali Masoudi described his flight to Solomon and introduced his tribe. At that time, human beings were afraid of the phenomenon of flying, which I think is completely understandable. Maybe they have been exploited and enslaved, so whenever the alarm call “They are coming ”sounds, people flee into the underground city. This is the same situation we dig underground bunkers to protect ourselves today. Although the above statement is only a speculation, people can hold this view. We also have the fact that sometimes 300,000 people have swarmed into underground cities together; in addition, there are a lot of ancient legends about flying machines, which describe in detail how ancient rulers took their families to fly in the air.

… So the king and his harem family members, concubine queen, court royals, and heads from all over the kingdom boarded the spaceship. The spacecraft rose into the sky and then sailed downwind, flying across the ocean and heading towards the city of Alantis. There is a festival celebration. The spacecraft landed and the king disembarked to participate in the celebration. After a short stay, the king s spacecraft was vacated again in the horrified gaze.

Another question about the construction of underground cities is about the technology applied at the time. I suspect that the underground city of Anatolia was dug with stone hammers made of flint. Although this digging method is laborious, it is still feasible. In my example below, Flint is not useful.

There is a place in Egypt called Absir, located 50 kilometers away from the pyramids of Giza. There were also 3 pyramids in the past. They were built during the fifth dynasty in the history of ancient Egypt, that is, after the Pharaoh Khuf era , about 4100 years ago. In Absir, it is found that the diorite here was processed in ancient times. Many round holes were drilled in this harder wall than granite. How is this processed?

Humans have applied drilling technology at various historical stages of their own. As early as in the Neolithic era, humans used a stone pestle made of obsidian to grind holes in granite stones. Humans have also drilled holes in bones and rock walls. Absir s drilling was not an ordinary drilling, but a core drilling. The reason why it is called a core-drilled hole is not because the hole is located in the center of the stone, but because after the hole is drilled, the center of the hole forms a sausage-shaped round stone core. Stone core.

When drilling, it is not easy to hold a bit in your hand to drill into hard diorite. Whether it is a stone or a tool, it must be firmly fixed. In order to drill a straight borehole like the one we saw in Absir, some supporting equipment is needed to guide the bit and apply pressure. Such straight, uniform holes cannot be drilled by hand. In the hole, one can even distinguish the traces of the millimeter-by-mm advancement left by the drill bit rotation. This also confirms that the drill holes were not later ground out of gold grit.

Obviously, drilling is not the first way to cut a hole with a chisel and then grind the hole. Traces of the drill s rotation are clearly discernible in the hole walls and fractures.

Some people have objected that Absir s core drilling is the work of people today; it may be a drill hole drilled by some archaeologists to detect the hardness of the stones.

I don t know if the drilling is actually formed like this. If that were the case, then a single drill hole would be enough, and the holes in Absir could be found on the scattered stones. In addition, the hardness of those stones is now known to any geographer, and it is not necessary to conduct drilling experiments by yourself. In particular, as far back as 1000 years ago, Mr. Fedrins Petrie described the strange cored holes in diorite during the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt. invalid. The architects of ancient Egypt must have been equipped with processing tools that we don t know yet. Machining techniques such as core drilling cannot be invented overnight. Technological progress is a gradual process. In order to drill holes, it is not enough to invent the rig first, and other suitable tools are needed, such as diamond drill bits. In order to connect the diamond diamond bit with the drill rig, a synthetic material was also invented. Finally, an instrument is needed to accurately guide the ri g.

I find it very interesting that in our time there are many questions that remain unanswered. We need to rethink those long-standing issues. In Absir we also found that the holes in diorite and granite are different. It can be inferred that due to the different tensile strength and compression resistance of different types of rock, it is decided that the drillers must choose the corresponding drilling machine for processing.

All of this requires a process of long-term accumulation of experience and continuous learning to make it possible. How can you believe that this happened 4000 years ago? Is this what the messengers of alien civilization taught to the ancient Egyptians?

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