Umbrella and Groom China Travel

  When the young guys of the Achang tribe marry, they need to have two hands and feet, and the agile companion to help support the umbrella. Because when the groom wants to enter the girl s house, the young girls in the bride s village will pour clear water from both sides of the porch. If the groom gets wet, they will be looked down on; if the groom is not dripping, even the companion will also Will be proud to do it. The umbrella is said to be a tool to protect the groom from harm. A long time ago, there was a younger sister of the Achang ethnic group named Lami. Her parents died when she was six or seven years old and lived on her brother. When she was sixteen, her two elder brothers separated and she lived with her elder brother.

  One day, a family named Lana from the Waizhai family came to propose to Lami s brother. Because the young man who wants to marry a Lami is usually spoiled and has a bad temper, not even spending. In order to be able to marry a ramie, the wealth of the Rana family was very generous. Once the two brothers counted, they could have some use in addition to the dowry, and they agreed quickly.

  She Lami looks down on this young man, she likes a young man named Lashe. After a pair of songs, the two exchanged lovers and agreed on the date of their next meeting. Lamy s two brothers knew that Lashe had abducted her sister, and the Lashe family also gave away their gifts. They were very reluctant. When two sisters-in-law found Lami looking for such a Peugeot capable guy, they were also jealous and poured oil on the fire, so the two brothers wanted to kill Lasha.

  On the day I admitted my relative, it was very early, and Lashe arrived at Lami s village. But Lamy s two elder brothers refused to let him in, saying Lashe took people away at night, and it was dark before he could get in.

  It was easy to wait until it was dark. The partner of Lashe set off firecrackers, blowing suona, and entered the Lami s house enthusiastically. Lashe stepped onto the hoe happily, and was about to make a fool. On both sides of the corridor eaves, he split his head and splashed his head, and when he saw two white lights flashing in front of him, Lashe fell down with a scream. When Ramie heard the news, he strangled himself. Later, in order to protect the groom s personal safety, when the groom arrived at the door of the bride s house, he held up an umbrella to cover the groom, called an umbrella to protect the groom and protect his body. Therefore, this special-purpose umbrella is actually an amulet for the Achang groom.

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