Travel guide in Gansu: Travel guide in Xiahe, Gansu

Because we didn t get a seat ticket, we bought a stack of newspapers, boarded the train from Tianshui to Lanzhou, and found a place at the junction of the two boxes. I and Bright didn t close our eyes for a night and chatted in a mess. A lot.

The bus arrived in Lanzhou at more than six in the morning. With bright reading, Call me a boast, I boast, a beautiful flower in Lanzhou, and walked down the bus in a refreshing spirit, went straight to the bus station, and had breakfast. Then boarded the car to Xiahe.

Along the way, I saw the ticket conductor (a Hui guy) and other people in the car grabbing passengers. The other person picked up the passengers and ran to their own car, and the passengers who were carried were giggling unanimously. Letting them snatch them away was very interesting and made the whole car laugh. The car had been inspected several times before leaving the city of Lanzhou. Bright said to me, Inspection is charging, paying attention is meeting, emphasizing is slogan, acceptance is drunk. His humor attracted the attention of an old man in Shaoxing. This man was in his thirties and his surname was Shao. He was going to take the Maqu from Xiahe to Sichuan and go to Jiuzhaigou. From then on, in Xiahe, he went with us. Until the last dinner before Xiahe left, we were almost out of money. Bright joked that he could borrow money from him, and he scared left us alone. Going out for food, it also added a dislike to Zhejiang people.

The car slowly drove away from Lanzhou City, and the passenger storm gradually subsided, and I fell asleep. When I opened my eyes in the stunned state, my eyes suddenly flashed. Is this a dream or a world? Clouds waft on the mountainside. In the mountains, it looks like flying dances, long sleeves and rolls. Floating. The clouds and the sky are white and blue, complement each other, and complement each other, it is simply incredible. Living in a city for a long time, the intense exhaust gas and the noise of ultra-decibels often make people panicky and dizzy. I always see crowds of people and gray skies. It sa long absence of blue skies and white clouds. I greedily looked at the sky on the plateau, and the car kept going up and down the winding mountain road.

When approaching Xiahe, two Tibetans came up. Their arrival aroused the interest of us foreigners. This was the first time I was so close to the Tibetans. The Tibetans are a magical and strong people. Spawning in the vast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the surrounding areas of Gannan, Western Sichuan, and Western Yunnan, its actual living area occupies almost one fifth of China s land area, and her total population does not exceed six million. The Tibetans mainly live in plateau areas where the climate and natural environment are very harsh. This has formed their tenacious will to survive, a strong physique and a religious religion.

We were interpreted by the conductor on the car, and we had a simple conversation. Everyone said that watching their swords and snoring sticks was very novel. And the Inner watch they wear, if it is true, the price is also very expensive. It is said that Tibetans who live on animal husbandry are rich, and their money is not deposited in the bank, and they are replaced by jewelry. On the body. The two Tibetan lads took out their cigarette holders and cigarette bags for everyone to taste their cigarettes. Bright took a sip of their yellow smoke and smashed them. I would like to try them, but watching them, you take a sip, I take a sip. I dont have the courage to touch that cigarette holder anymore . Taking this opportunity, we learned two simple Tibetan words from them. Before that, we would all speak only Tashidler. And they were surprised that Bright came out with two girls, asked how many wives he had, and said that they were not polygamous. . Are Tibetans really polygamous, a s if they have never heard of it.

I arrived at Xiahe at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Obviously we arrived one day late. Locals told us that Labrang Temple had just held a meeting yesterday.

I ate a meal of yellow mutton mutton to hunger for a day, and Shao and Jiang invited a little Tibetan girl to sing a few toasts to us.

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