Travel guide in Gansu: Travel guide in Jiayuguan

We are a car transferred from Jiayuguan. We bought a bus ticket because the time of the train was wrong. The motorcycle driver who took us to the bus station said that it was also good to take a car from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang, it might be faster. If I can see him again, I really want to tell him that he was wrong. The car we were riding was not only dirty and messy, but also the driver desperately carried passengers regardless of the limited space. As a result, Laojiang and I changed from two people to one berth to five people to squeeze into a berth. Unfortunately, three of them were boys who were tall and tall. I thought about competing with them for limited oxygen Can t help but have a headache. However , the truth is that I fell asleep after a while, and Lao Jiang chatted with them until Dunhuang. Later, during the companionship, they all asked me if I was pretending to be asleep, because my legs stretched longer and longer, and everyone was embarrassed to wake me up. Find topics to distract paralyzed nerves. Ha, I was sleeping a lot in order to alleviate the pain. Who knows what caused the pain of others? I m really sorry for my selfless nature. However, we finally arrived in Dunhuang and decided to travel together. After all, there are many people and powerful people. By the way, it sa coincidence that we are all from cities with sea. What is the difference between the sea and the Gobi Desert?

The preferred spot of course is Mogao Grottoes, which is about 40 minutes away from the center of Dunhuang and you need to drive to it. We rented a Santana for a round-trip fare of 75 yuan, and the five-person flat was only 15 yuan each, which was still acceptable. What s more, the drivers are all good and go all the way to introduce us to the history of Dunhuang. He said that the symbol of Dunhuang City is the flying statue in the city center, and the success of the large-scale dance Silk Road Flower Rain has long been known at home and abroad. Of course, we know it.

Although it is only 8 o clock in the morning, the front of Mogao Grottoes is crowded with people, most of them are tourist groups in various places. In order to save the cost of the tour guide, we followed the tour groups with a cheeky face, posing as group friends, but we listened with interest to the tour guide to introduce the history and picture of each cave. Mogao Grottoes was founded in the former Qin Dynasty, starting from the Northern Wei Dynasty, and has been going up the road. The accumulation of more than 1,000 years of history has formed the richness and complexity of Mogao Grottoes. We entered this cave from this cave and felt its splendid and splendid art. We experienced the destruction of the national treasure. The cave has been deplored from the cave room of more than a thousand yuan in its heyday. Mogao Grottoes are fortunate to be preserved because of the extremely dry air in the desert and the walls of the caves, and the durability of the materials used. However, t here are many caves that are not open to ordinary visitors, and are only for researchers and some special visitors. Working hard to become a leader of the country, I must have your eyes full. Jie Xiu Qing, That might as well be harder to become a cultural relic researcher. Qing quite ridiculed self-knowledge. Among so many caves built in different historical periods, my favorite is the cave opened in the Tang Dynasty. The seated Buddha excavated in the early Tang Dynasty at Cave 96 is 34.3 meters high, making it the largest indoor Buddha today. Cave 158 in the middle Tang Dynasty was the largest reclining Buddha in Mogao Grottoes. The whole cave looks like a huge coffin. The architectural art of Dunhuang reached its peak when it was in the middle of Tang Dynasty. It is a fine art collection of people and scenery. The prosperous Tang Meteorology achieved its most vivid expression in its Dunhuang art. The Chinese at that time must have spoken loudly, right? More than that, the girls at that time could still eat a lot of food without worrying about it. I really want to go back to the Tang Dynasty. I really felt it.

It took us a day to visit Mogao Grottoes, and the thousand-year history is condensed into one day. I can t get back to God. Go to the food stalls in the city center at night to solve your stomach problems. For the Cantonese, Dunhuang s food is indeed less refined, but it still tastes good, just like the enthusiasm of the Northwestern people. However, the fruit specialty Li Guangxing is fresh and not expensive, so it is worth a try.

We still rent the car back yesterday and decided to go to Yangguan, Yumenguan, Baimata and Mingshashan. The driver said that the spots were far apart and the journey was hard, so it cost 180 yuan a day. Laojiang and I gave full play to the good eloquence of the Cantonese to bargain, and finally reduced the price to 150 yuan.

I first went to Yumen Pass. Why should the flute complain about Yangliu and the spring breeze does not cross the Yumen Pass? Now that we have to be there, it is no wonder that the defending soldiers at the time would complain. Going all the way, there is a boundless big Gobi all the way, there is no trace of green, no tree, not even the poplar as Mao Dun said. Only the long yellow sand, some withered weeds. However, they are also the life that lives in this hopeless desolation. The sun is raging, and we are worried that everyone will become a roast pig before reaching Yumen Pass. The strange thing is that there were only a few cars on the road, and there were few people on the road. I was afraid that this was the place. The driver told us that many tourists would not go there because of the inconvenient transportation and only one remaining city wall. I really can t help but thank Wang Changling, without his first seven must , I was afraid that I would not be so determined to go. On t he road, the car got stuck in the dunes twice, and we had to get off the cart. It was not easy.

I saw the walls of the Guanguan city in Yumen far, and resolutely shaped in the blue sky, the scorching sun, and the big Gobi, like an indescribable eternity, silent. Approached with unexplainable shock, a group of swallow-like birds flew out of it and scattered into the sky, one by one as exclamation marks. The wall is pale yellow, and there are too many potholes on it. We walked around it. It is difficult for the young man s frivolity to really understand its dignity . However, in this vast world where only our yellow-haired children are at this moment, I shouted with all my strength and found that I was really small. I also felt small in the crowded people in Guangzhou, but it was confused, and here I have a true face of myself. The person in charge of the customs talked with us for a while, and invited us to eat watermelon. He was originally from Hunan. He was very optimistic. I wonder if he has any complaints? What we feel is his passion.

Next we arrived at Yangguan. At first I knew that this place was still because the Tang people advised Jun to enter a glass of wine, and there is no reason to leave Yangguan in the west. It sa long way from Yumenguan, and it s also desolate. However, there are more people to Yangguan. Although the ancient city of Yangguan has long been annihilated, only Dundun Mountain is known as Yangguan Ears . Climbing to the top of the pier, dozens of miles in the circle, you can see the pride of the ancient border guards, but the emotions of the vicissitudes of the sea cannot be overwhelmed. I rode a horse in Yangguan. One was because I could not meet the enthusiasm of the hirer, and the other was that the horse was really beautiful. It was black, the whole body was shiny, and the eyes were bright and charming. It carried me around, and its owner told me that it was called Little Black, and I couldn t help touching it when I bid farewell to it. Its gentleness, I don t think I would forget it in my life. In fact, riding in Yangguan is very good. It takes about 10-15 yuan to walk around for 20 minutes, but the experience of looking at the ancient city of Yangguan immediately can t be bought for much money.

不 The third attraction, White Horse Tower, is nothing to look at. Mingsha Mountain is one of the most interesting attractions, and you should not miss it. There is a small desert. There is a crescent spring that can not be more beautiful in the desert. What kind of scenery is beautiful in the rough. We sat on a camel in Mingsha Mountain. It was very novel, it was scary and we were not comfortable. But riding a camel up the mountain is easy and fun. In order to save money, we still choose to climb up. The process was very hard, and the hot and hot sand was buried on my knee, and I had to exhaust my whole body to take a step. I have wanted to give up on several occasions, but the people who have already been there are not only friends, but some other tourists also encouraged me to continue to go up. An old man next to me also surpassed me. In this case, I got it by gritting my teeth. When I finally sat on the top of the desert mountain, it was so beautiful to look at the sun going do wn. However, looking at the watch, it was nine o clock in the evening. It seems that the sun is particularly attached to this city.

There are many stalls specializing in specialty products outside of Mingmingsha Mountain. The most famous place here is the Luminous Cup, which is the so-called Grape Wine Glow Cup. If you are interested, you must not miss it. There are many layers in the order, and the cheapest one can be bought for 5 yuan, and the expensive ones are dazzling.

Today s itinerary is not over until 10pm, we are full of fun, and the driver is tired. In order to express our gratitude, we gave him 180 yuan, and the driver also left us a phone call, so that we could take his car next time we came to Dunhuang. I am so happy that the enthusiasm of the Northwestern people makes the trip to Dunhuang more memorable and enjoyable.

We took a train from Dunhuang to Liuyuan, and then transferred back to Lanzhou. The trip to Dunhuang was over, but I still couldn t wait for it. Dunhuang in July is very attractive and sincere.

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