Travel guide in Anhui: travel notes in Huangshan

Stepping on the Spring Festival train, the crowded carriages, the vocal humming, stood for 10 hours to Huangshan City. Quickly found a place to live, unloaded the baggage, and spent 30 yuan to eat a good Anhui dish. The rickshaw here is very cheap. One yuan will take you back and forth. He was full of food and drink, and the boy on the bike said that he would take us to the entertainment city. The lady at the door enthusiastically pulled us in. The red and dim light directly made people know. After a while we came out under the excuse of dissatisfaction, and the biker creaked again to take us to another place. The old aunt at the door took the trouble to seduce, what a mountain girl is different from the beauty of Shanghai Wait a minute, talk to her for a few words to urge the biker to return to the place where we can rest, but he seems very unwilling to lose a business, and dragged us to the previous one, who The lady said the same lines as the aunt, and she was full of glamour and encouragement. Because we were going to Huangshan the next day, we finally resisted the temptation. Back to where I lived, I took a hot bath and slept.

As soon as she wakes up, she packs up, rushes to the supermarket, purchases food from the mountain, and sets off. It is 69 kilometers from Huangshan City to Huangshan. We met a car rushed to Huangshan to pick up the noodles. After hard bargaining, 15 yuan was delivered to the entrance of the mountain. The owner was very enthusiastic, and told me a lot about all aspects of Huangshan tourism, which made us benefit a lot. For more than an hour, I drove to the entrance of Huangshan. According to his introduction, Huangshan Tourism has three lines of abc. We chose line A on this day, Emerald Valley-9 Dragon Falls-Monkey Park. 50 yuan for a car, the winding mountain road a short while, to the Emerald Valley. The Emerald Valley is the shooting location of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, also known as the Lover s Valley, and the inscription is called the Emerald Valley. A pool of Tan Chishui is strangely shaped and colorful, a bit like the colorful pool in Jiuzhaigou. Walking alo ng the road, there are green mountains and green waters on both sides, beautiful birds singing, spring waters, a poetic and artistic style, just like a fine wine before a big meal, letting you experience the softness of Huangshan before boarding Huangshan. It is now in winter, the sky is clear, the snow is constantly melting, and the mountains and rivers are constantly flowing down the mountain. From time to time, rapids and shoals are met. We also took some photos in the strange rocks and streams . Sighed by the beauty of the landscape, I really want to live here for a year or two. The Emerald Valley is not big, and in an hour, it came to an end. When you go to Huangshan, you must go to the Emerald Valley. It is beautiful and worth it.

十 I arrived at 9 Dragon Falls at noon. This scenic spot has some mountain roads to go. This is also a warm-up before climbing. After a arduous climb, I finally saw the waterfall, but there was no flying flow of 3,000 feet in Li Bai s poems, but there are also wonderful waterfalls, that is, the waterfall flows from the top of the mountain and passes through 9 bends Like a flying dragon, it is named Jiulong Waterfall. Because the water flow is not large in winter, it is conceivable that it is a wonderful scenery under a large current.

The place we were watching was at the third turning point, and the road stopped with a No Traffic sign. In order to fully appreciate the twists and turns, he ventured over the railings and crossed the rapids, like Zhou Runfa in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon . After watching the twists and turns, a security officer on the mountain showed us that on a large rock at the foot of the mountain, there was a group of wild monkeys basking in the sun. We hurried to hurry over and quietly hid to watch the monkeys. Those monkeys It s so big, long hair, there are more than a hundred, these should be called apes, this is the first time I have seen a wild monkey in my life. Then I heard that a foreigner was learning from us and wanted to read it. I did not expect that Chinese kung fu was not so easy to learn, so he fell into a ditch and turned it into a ditch.

Since we encountered wild monkeys, the monkey park originally arranged would not go, so the driver took us directly to the rafting, just like in Yaolin Wonderland. The bamboo raft floated for a few minutes, but it costs 10 yuan. One, this is the worst place today, with rubbish everywhere, which is extremely disappointing.

I was tired after playing for a day and was hungry. I found a guest house in Tangkou. It was on the mountain, which was much more expensive than Huangshan City. I ordered a tomato egg soup and a large bowl of rice during dinner. I saw the two girls at the next table asked for several dishes and couldnt eat them. They went up and talked for a few words. They said they couldnt eat them. I said by the way, let s help you eat them. I didnt expect them to be refreshing. Promise, we don t care about 3721 this time, we are cheeky and gobble up.

I took a noodle from Tangkou to Yungu Temple and started our real journey. The long mountain road is endless. After a hard test of physical will, we came to Baie Ling, Huangshan in winter, a silver-clad coat, snow-capped, almost the same as the Alps on TV, and I couldn t help having a snow battle. After a short break, I came to Shixin Peak, stood on a high hill, and looked around. The sigh of nature s charm and magical powers created the charm of Huangshan. Shi Linfeng, the monkey watching the sea, and the Guanyin crossing the South China Sea, but wonderfully, looking down the probe, looking at the abyss, a little inattentive, he broke his bones. Next, stroll around the cool terrace, Shilin. Unconsciously, it was noon, opposite the Beihai Hotel, and found a tent, a primary school teacher and amateur photography enthusiast in Beijing. A few words, just like a long-lost old friend. At this time our water source was exhausted. After his instructions, we went to the house and put a little tap water (actually the spring water on the mountain). Find a place to have lunch and rest. The sun was warm that day, we took out the seeds, and picked up the seeds on Huangshan Mountain, a rare leisure. The Beijinger came over, and we greeted him to come and slap melon seeds and talked slowly. We learned from the conversation that he had lived in the mountains for more than ten days. Everyday instant noodles, no one talked to him, and I saw that he was very lonely. Our arrival made his life in Huangshan more interesting. After his instructions, we went to the newly opened scenic area-Fantasy Scenic Area, but unfortunately, Huangshan has no sea of ​​clouds and cannot experience the feeling of fantasy, but the scenery is still good, which is different from conventional attractions. The characteristics of Huangshan are Qisong, strange rocks, sea of ​​clouds, and hot springs. On our way, except for the sea of ​​clouds, everyone has had a good time. The Fantasy Scenic Area is only open to the public during the first phase of the project. During the construction of the second and third phases, it will not be open for the time being. There is nothing to stop our mood. Step into the virgin land of Huangshan smoothly. Up and down for more than an hour, back from the virgin land, in Paiyun Pavilion to catch up with the last scene of the sunset, Wanzhang Hongxia Yinghuitian, like the rosy cheeks of Huangshan sister, slowly and shyly away from us.

Along the streetlights, I returned to Beihai. With the help of Beijingers, I bought 2 bowls of bowls of noodles for 8 yuan (10 yuan and 1 bowl for everyone). There was an extra bag in the room we were staying at, indicating that someone was living Come in. After enjoying the big meal, we started to blame with the Beijinger. By the way, we gave him a chocolate and a compressed biscuit, as if he hadn t eaten for 3 years, and realized the bitterness he had on the mountain. Chatting and chatting, Hula came in with a large group of people. A foreigner was caught in the crowd. It turned out that the foreigner who lived with us was temporarily unable to figure out, and the foreigner also lived in a broken place like ours. Next, we were like overturning the chickens in the baskets of the Tiantian chickens, scratching the sky and the sky. This yellow-haired monkey is from Canada (it looks a lot like Huangshan s monkey), speaks fluent Chinese and is studying Chinese in Taiwan. Can be conside red a fate, lived, talked, and said that the next day to watch the sunrise together.

Beijing people deserve to come 3 times, master, told us that the sunrise at 7 in the morning. In the early morning of the next day, the wind hurals climbed to Shixin Peak. I saw the far side of the sea level, a flush of red, and in the blink of an eye, a red thing jumped out, little by little, first a few, then half, until the whole big sun was exposed at the end, the light was bright Radiant, at this time I felt an infinite power in my heart, following the sun to shine on the earth. The wind was blowing in my ears. In this situation, there was a sudden perception. When young, people are often like the new born sun. They have to face various difficulties and challenges, and eventually rise into the air. What an infinite light.

I live next door to a group of Jinhua people. When we went to Guangmingding, we took a group photo together. Then they went to the fantasy scenic spot, and we went to the Baiyun scenic spot. So we parted ways and foreigners followed them . When I arrived at the Baiyun Scenic Spot, looking at the signposts, the remaining physical strength was considered, or I gave up entering the Baiyun Scenic Spot. Head to Lianhua Peak, the first height of Huangshan Mountain, and pass through Aoyu Cave, Baibu Yunti, etc. along the way. When you make a final charge towards Lianhua Peak, you will be full of the last dry food. The assault sounded, and for 20 minutes, it reached the first height of Huangshan. At a glance, all the mountains are small, snow-capped, and all the peaks are large and small. Sitting at the highest height of the highest peak and slowly admiring the whole beauty of Huangshan, for a time, my mind was cheerful and cheerful, I felt how small human beings are in front of nature, and the ever-changing nature is the same philosophy. Here, I forget everything, I just feel that Integrate with heaven and earth. There I sang loudly for half an hour. Tired, go down. Ready to return. When I came to the place where I had just repaired, I met the Jinhua people again. They have returned from dream. So we talked about waiting for them. Finally we set foot on the road together. On the way, I watched Yingke Song and so on, because they have many women, so I and the foreigner walked in front. When we were about to arrive, a couple from Yangzhou in front of me suddenly ran over to me and the foreigner, panic Shouted, Come on … We encountered a robber -a monkey. So I took the walking stick of the Yangzhou people and carefully opened the road in front. Suddenly, a big fluffy monkey roared, rushed towards us, hurriedly ran away, and the monkey chased us for a while, but fortunately one came An experienced middle-aged man, under his leadership, we fled the monkey mouth smoothly. so c lose!

Old Walking through the mountains with my foreigner, after much hard work, I finally reached the end, Ciguang Pavilion. Then, I waited for them while chatting, and I was worried whether they would encounter any problems with the monkey. Finally, when a brother came down and asked him if he had encountered a monkey, and answered yes, and the battle was fierce, the injuries were severe, and he inquired carefully. It turned out that a guy from the Jinhua people fought fiercely with the monkeys to save the beauty The hand-to-hand battle ended with a finger injury and Cangjie fled.

This is the day when I left Huangshan. In just a few days of Huangshan tour, it seems that I have gone through a long years. The funny things along the way have made me forget for a long time. While lamenting the beauty of Huangshan in winter, I cant forget I met those friends on Huangshan. Although I haven t known each other for a long time, I always talk about laughing and laughing all the time. Say here: Friends are going. I hope to see you that day. At 8 am, Huangshan City, the train started. At 8 pm, the bumps along the way finally returned to Shanghai. The neon lights at the new passenger station sparkle the prosperity of Greater Shanghai. The entrance of the new passenger station was crowded with passengers returning home. It s so nice to go home!

取 I took Huangshan in the summer of 1997, but I have long forgotten it. At that time, I didn t appreciate the beauty of Huangshan when I went up and down the ropeway. It is a pity that this time I finally tasted like a glass of wine. Huangshan in winter is really beautiful. I cant describe it with gorgeous words. I hope everyone has a chance to appreciate it. Wuyue returned without looking at the mountain, Huangshan returned without looking at the mountain. When the mountain is not high, the fairy is spirit, the water is not deep, and the dragon is spirit. These are the poems that the ancient people praised Huangshan. Huangshan has different scenery all year round, and new attractions are developed every year. It is not enough to see it once. Next time, maybe I will go again, because this time I did not meet the sea of ​​clouds, strange pines, strange rocks, hot springs, sea of ​​clouds, only the sea of clouds. I look forward to the next close contact with Huangshan .

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