Tourists’ “intimate messenger”-96616 Sheshan Global Tourism Hotline

“Hello, I’d like to know how to get to Laoshan from Qingdao. How much is the ticket price for the scenic spot? How does a 9-year-old collect tickets? ” At 6:28 on May 1, Laoshan global tourism hotline) received the first call from May 1 holiday. Madam Zang from Xi’an and her nine-year-old son are going to Laoshan for a visit from Qingdao that day. She hopes the hotline customer service can help her plan the two-day tour route. The customer service patiently and meticulously recommended the hotline times of the relevant routes to Ms. Zang, among which 8 help items were accepted, such as lost tickets, lost backpacks, lost mobile phones and so on.
In recent years, Laoshan District of Qingdao has always adhered to the implementation of the guiding opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the development of tourism in the whole region. While enriching the supply of tourism products, it has constantly optimized and improved public services, strengthened tourism services for the benefit of the people and the convenience of the people, and explored the implementation of the “one number external, one platform access, one telephone transfer, one system supervision” of the whole region’s tourism hotline 。 Since its opening, the hotline has won the recognition of tourists by virtue of its efficient, practical and sincere service, and won a cordial title – “intimate messenger”.
In order to give full play to the promotion and promotion of the hot line in the whole region, the hot line is promoted in the form of easy to pull treasure, pen holder, platform frame, foldout, etc., in the class a scenic spot, accommodation, tourist consultation center and other places where tourists gather in the whole region, and the hot line customer service seats are increased to meet the needs of tourists in the whole region. In the case of a small number of hotline customer service personnel, we also actively promote the intelligent voice navigation of the hotline. Through the voice menu, we can provide tourists with self-service services to query the line and fare information of the conventional scenic spots, and improve the efficiency of consultation.
On April 13, Zhao Mou, a female college student from Tianjin, accidentally sprained her left foot while visiting jiushui. After calling 96616, the hotline customer service quickly dispatched the staff of jiushui management office to help the female college students down the mountain and send them to the nearest community hospital for emergency treatment. Last summer, Ms. Zhang, a tourist from Heilongjiang Province, called to say that her mother had fainted due to heatstroke near Longtan waterfall in Taiqing tourist area. She was in her sixties and had a heart attack. At the same time, the customer service hotline reminded Ms. Zhang to take her mother to wait in the shade nearby, and quickly transferred the situation to the local Taiqing management office to ask for assistance as soon as possible.
At present, the hotline is just this young team. With the service of “smile off the phone, smile on the phone, let tourists hang up comfortably”, it is enthusiastic, patient, professional and quick to answer questions for every tourist. As far as customer service is concerned, it has been countless that how many tourists have received their phone calls, helped how many tourists deal with problems, introduced the beautiful scenery of Laoshan Mountain, and received their thanks and praise. For others, the tedious work has long been the mission of customer service. They convey the most beautiful voice of Laoshan’s whole tourism with their feelings of mountains and seas.
The customer service team regularly carries out various skills training, including scenic area business knowledge, communication skills, standard language, telephone etiquette, etc.; insists on carrying out pre job belt and one practice training, monthly classic case analysis teaching, quarterly business knowledge examination, annual off production management office research and study, and steadily and comprehensively improves each customer service business ability with professional training. Through learning, customer service personnel constantly improve the summary, put forward reasonable suggestions, and make suggestions for the development of the scenic spot.
In the past five years since the establishment of the 96616 hotline, the team building achievements have initially appeared. The most beautiful voice of Laoshan, with the hotline team as its content, won the gold medal in the “the most beautiful scenery is Laoshan people” theme image selection activity organized by the District Tourism Development Committee; the hotline’s annual “worker pioneer”; Xin Wenshan, the hotline customer service director, commented on the “hospitality Shandong people, my hometown spokesperson” on behalf of the hotline team Selected to win the honorary title of “hospitality industry pioneer” The 96616 hotline team shows the new trend of high-quality tourism service in the whole area with the feelings of Laoshan, which is well received by all walks of life.

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