Tourist Attractions in Baofeng Lake

Baofeng Lake is 2.5 kilometers long and is located 2 kilometers south of Suoxi Town. A few years ago, this place was still a deep canyon. Locals built a 72-meter-high reservoir between the Taniguchi crevices and filled the fields with water. The crystal clear lakes reflect the mountains. The water is green because of the mountains, and the water becomes greener. The scenic spots that have been developed in Baofeng Lake include Pinghu Gaoxia, Yingwo Village, Precipice Waterfall, and First-line Sky Canyon.

Wubaofeng Lake is an artificial lake constructed by dams. The lake is elongated according to the mountains, about 9 kilometers. The water surface is like a mirror, reflecting the Saga peaks. On Dangzhou Lake, ascend to the exquisite green island in the heart of the lake, if you are in the painting. Ascend to the towering Yingwo Village by the lake, overlooking Baofeng Lake, inlaid in the mountains like a jasper.

Baizhangxia: According to legend, Baizhangxia is an ancient battlefield. Attractions such as Panmachun, Whetstone, Qifeng Peak, and Water Bridge are all related to the ancient battlefields, so Baizhang Gorge is also known as Baizhan Gorge. There are few historical histories in Wulingyuan Scenic Areas, and because of the geographical danger here, they will be written in the early Ming Dynasty. According to the Cili County Chronicle records: The gorge is high, the mountains are high and the clouds are high.

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