Tour of Cui Mi Temple

Wat Traimit means three friends. The original temple was built by three overseas Chinese. The temple is not big, but there are dozens of large and small tour buses crowded here The water was leaking, and all the tourists got out of the car and headed for the Buddha Hall on the second floor. Located in the small Buddha hall less than 30 pings on the second floor, a statue made of 70% pure gold is enshrined, which is 3 meters high and weighs more than 5 tons! According to legend, during the Sukhothai period, because the Burmese army invaded, in order to avoid being searched out, the king gathered the people s gold to cast this statue, and then covered it with stucco. The temple (Wat Pgrayakrai) came ashore . In 1931, it was invited to worship at Cui Mi Temple. The temple presided over and began to build a Buddhist temple to store the Buddha. After the temple was built in 1955, it was ashes during the process of moving the Buddha image The mud peeled off before revealing the golden Buddh a inside. To prove it, the left side of the Golden Buddha is also covered with mud that peeled off!

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