Tickets for Pigeon Nest Scenic Area

The Pigeon Nest Scenic Spot is located at the headland of the Beishanhe Seashore Dongshan that protrudes into the sea. The cliff near the sea is about 20 meters tall and precipitous boulder. It looks like a hawk and looks like a hawk. It looks around the sea ​​and is called Eagle Point Stone, so the park is also called Eagle Point Stone Park. The cracks on the eagle horns are vertical and horizontal. Since ancient times, wild pigeons have inhabited them, so they are also called pigeon nests. Watch the sunrise in Pigeon Nest Park, you can see the magnificent sunrise on the sea. The eagle-horned stone is located on the large fault belt of east-west quartz veins at the estuary of the Chitu River. It is both a fault wall and a sea ​​erosion cliff. On the south side is a homogeneous mixed granite formed about 1.75 billion years ago. It has been severely ageing and has been denuded and dented, making it stand upright beside the vast sea. It is vigorous and eye-catching. Good environment. Yingjia o Pavilion is located on the top of the headland, the top of Shanyanxie Mountain, the stone pillar glazed tiles, simple and firm, with strong national characteristics. The plaque of the pavilion was titled by Mr. Hu Juewen. Standing in the pavilion, the sea breeze is learning, the sky is high, the sea is wide, and the eyes are distant, with great interest.

The Pigeon Nest Scenic Spot is located in the east of the Beidaihe Seashore. It stretches out to the sea. Because there is a huge rock about 20 meters high on the seashore, it looks like a giant eagle named Eagle Horn Stone. There are wild pigeons on the Eagle Horn Stone. It becomes a huge pigeon nest. There are many seagulls here and they fly above the sea.

Pigeon Nest Park is a great place to watch the sunrise in Beidaihe. Each summer is the peak of sunrise. Almost every day, countless tourists come here to see the magnificent scenery of the sunrise on the sea. It was here that the chairman wrote the famous Langtaosha · Beidaihe: There is a remnant on the east of the stone, Xiao Seqiufeng is here again, and he has changed the world. In the park, there is also a sculpture of Chairman Mao s view of the sea. His clothes are fluttering, which shows the style of a great man.

Yingyingjiao Pavilion is the best place for viewing the sun at Beidaihe. When you boarded it, you could see the sea, the blue waves, the white waves surging, even more powerful. The pigeons here are not afraid of people. When visitors open their hands, wild pigeons will fall on their hands, which really makes people feel like returning to nature.

The most attractive place of Pigeon Nest Park is to watch the sunrise. The best place to watch the sunrise is on the eagle-horned stones in the large fault zone of the east-west quartz vein of the Chitu River Estuary. Changing; the red sun gushes, the water and the red sun meet on the water, and it jumps out of the water in an instant, and the rays of sunlight and sunlight flood the mountains and beaches, as if covered with a layer of golden curtain. In the tourist season, tourists come here early to see the magnificent sunrise scenery at sea. Here you can take a bath in the sea, play on the beach, and take a motorboat ride for fun. Not far from there is a Wentao Garden, a lotus , green space, and a classical-style resting promenade. It is a paradise for you to enjoy the beach scenery and leisure.

Tourists getting off from Qinhuangdao Railway Station can take the No. 34 bus under the Chitu Mountain and walk for a while to get to the pigeon nest; take the No. 21 bus stop from the seaside bus station to get off the pigeon nest;, Go straight to the coastal road.

You can stay at a nearby Liuzhuang family hotel, you can also stay at some hotels and guesthouses on the beach, and you can also stay at hotels near Yanshan University, which is much cheaper than going to the beach, especially during the peak tourist season . Accommodation must compare a few more.

There are several nursing homes near the Pigeon Nest Scenic Area, which can be convenient for your rest and accommodation. Not far from the coastal road, you can reach the cruise ship pier, and you can enjoy the sea scenery by boat

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