Tibetan Bathing Festival

Every night in late summer and early autumn, a very bright star appears over the southeast of Lhasa. At this time, the Tibetan people began their annual bathing festival. Legend has it that the star only appeared for seven nights. Why do the seven nights when stars appear as bathing festivals?

A long, long time ago, a famous doctor appeared on the grassland. His name is Yutuo Yundan Kampot. His medicine is very clever, and he can cure any intractable disease. Therefore, the Tibetan king Chisong Dezan invited him to be an imperial doctor , who was in charge of treating the Tibetan king and concubines. However, after Yu Tuo entered the palace, he still couldn t forget the people on the grassland. He often used the time to go out to collect medicines to treat people. One year, a terrible plague spread, and many herders were bedridden, and some were killed. At this time, Yu Tuo ran on the vast grassland and healed the sick herdsmen. He collected various medicines from the snow mountain and the old forest, and anyone who got sick would get better. I don t know how many patients are dying and have recovered. Dr. Yu Tuo s name is chanted everywhere on the grassland, and people call him the medicine king.

Unfortunately, Dr. Uto died. After his death, a terrible plague was encountered on the prairie, more serious than before, and many people died. Life-threatening herders had to kneel on the ground and pray to the heaven, hoping that the kingdom of heaven would be blessed. Coincidentally, one day, a woman who had been tortured to death by a sick demon suddenly had a dream. Dr. Yutuo in her dream said to her, Tomorrow evening, when a bright star appears in the southeast sky, you can Go to the Jiqu River to take a bath, and the illness will be better after taking a bath. Sure enough, the woman s disease was eliminated immediately after taking a bath in the Jiqu River. A thin, yellow patient became a red, healthy person after taking a bath.

People say that this strange star was changed by Dr. Yu Tuo. Dr. Uto saw the people in the steppe being attacked by the plague in heaven, and he could not come to the earth to heal the people, so he turned himself into a star, and turned the river water into a potion by starlight. Go for disease. Because the Emperor only gave Yu Tuo seven days, the star only appeared for seven days.

Since then, the Tibetan people have designated these seven days as a bathing festival. Herders everywhere have bathed in the nearby river at this time each year. It is said that after taking a bath, people will be healthy and happy, and will not get sick.

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