Thrilling trip to Baligou

I opened my eyes. But seeing the mountains in front like turquoise clouds rising from the sky, it is the towering Taihang Mountain. That said, it actually took another half an hour to actually come to Baligou Scenic Area.

When I got out of the car and led the team to buy a ticket, we watched a song and dance at the gate of the mountain. One of them played Sun Wukong and Lara the little boy s bag, made a grimace to tease the little girl and made everyone laugh. It was overcast and a little stuffy. The mountain was clearly in front of me, and it was covered with green, like moss. According to the sign on the scenic spot, there are more than 1,700 types of plants on the mountain, and the forest coverage area is more than 90%.

I walked into the mountain gate, walked for twenty minutes, and after a step, we really entered the scenic area. The stream sang at the foot of the mountain, and the waves that stunned people when they met the rocks, shocked those of us who are used to watching the quiet river. The child couldn t hold it for a long time, took off his shoes and went into the water, but came out again immediately, and the water was cold. Then the water comes from a height of more than 1500 meters, how can it not be cold? The wind also came and sent a few cool waves.

Lishui is good, but the mountains make me feel depressed. Maybe it sa habitual person in the plain, the mountain is really too high. The cliffs are as steep and straight as the swords are sharp. Li Bai s poem Taihang since ancient times is really appreciated.

Yu Yue walked in, and there were persimmon trees and hawthorn trees on the side of the road. I was taken away in the early morning, sweat kept flowing, I wiped the towel in the stream, and the sweltering was gone. The turquoise water accompanied us, so the coolness and sultry alternated.

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