The south end of the 11th Asian Games

The construction area of ​​the ignition tower at the southern end of the 11th Asian Games is 1500 square meters, with a height of 14.3 meters. It is a reinforced concrete structure. It consists of the main building in the middle, the stairs on the east side and the annex on the west side. The main building is a tube-in-tube structure, consisting of an external square tube and an internal tube. Divided into two floors, each with a height of 4.5 meters, each floor has a spacious and bright hall. Above the eastern end of the second floor, there are twelve large characters inlaid with gold on the southern end of the 11th Asian Games inscribed by Xu Shijie, the first provincial party secretary of Hainan Province. The first floor is a storage room, the second and third floors have spiral staircases, the third floor is surrounded by an ornamental platform, and the fourth floor has an ignition seat pan.

8On August 23, 1990, the lighting ceremony of the southern end of the Asian Games torch was held here. Standing at the southern end of the ignition station, Sanya s urban area is vividly visible; panoramic views of Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area not far from the sea. Looking far into the sky, I saw the sky and the sea, the vastness of the South China Sea, and the fishing sails a little, making people s hearts suddenly open. Therefore, it has become one of the tourist spots in Sanya.

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