The Pleasure of Dark Tourism: A View of Death from the Perspective of Experience

Dark Tourism refers to the phenomenon of people traveling to places of death, disaster, suffering, horror, or tragedy. In recent years, black tourism is a hot research field in foreign countries, especially in North America, and it is also a controversial field. The so-called “black tourism” takes coal mines as the position and carrier, allowing people to experience the hard labor of coal miners, so as to achieve the tourism that teaches people to cherish life and life, love labor and cherish the value of each labor, and promotes everyone to play their own light and heat effects.

Dark Tourism is a unique form of tourism, its development practice and theoretical development has been controversial. Although related academic research has been carried out for more than 20 years, some fundamental theoretical problems in this field have not been solved, and many theoretical views have not yet reached consensus. Aiming at some theoretical problems in the study of black tourism, this paper, starting from motivation and internal driving force, attempts to systematically explore the essence of black tourism, determine the special and complex relationship between black tourism and death theme, and expand stone’s black tourism spectrum under the framework of aesthetics with the help of the categories of aesthetics and appreciation of ugliness, tragedies and comedies, beauty and magnificence The model, in a broader and deeper sense, demonstrates the core proposition that “black tourism is a kind of tourism type that not only conforms to the general sense of tourism pleasure experience, but also belongs to the unique characteristics of death observation”, thus bringing the aesthetic category of death observation into the theoretical analysis field of black tourism pleasure experience. On this basis, it redefines the concept of black tourism, discusses its types, combs the complete pedigree of black tourism, attempts to make a systematic interpretation of the concept framework and core proposition of black tourism from the perspective of experience, and gives a comprehensive response to many debates in the research of black tourism at home and abroad, in order to lay a theoretical foundation for the development and practice of black tourism.

When redefining the concept of black tourism, from the perspective of overall understanding, this paper gives a definition that reflects the logic of “genus plus species difference” rather than simply enumerating, that is, the unique pleasure experience obtained by individuals in different places through the way of death observation in free time. Its core points are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First of all, black tourism, as a kind of tourism, is also a pleasant experience, but it is not completely equal to other types of Tourism – it has its own unique features.

Secondly, the way to realize black tourism is to touch and appreciate the landscape related to the theme of death in a short distance with the help of death. It should be noted that this kind of distance is psychological, and the factors that determine this psychological distance come from many aspects, such as social, cultural, economic background, etc., among which the space-time distance is the most intuitive expression.

Thirdly, black tourism is a self-conscious and self-determination behavior of tourists, which uses their spare time to walk in different places, which is the same as general tourism.

Finally, the pleasure experienced by black tourism can be reflected in cognition, emotion, will and other aspects. Therefore, it can not only bring emotional pleasure, but also play a prominent role in personal construction and social construction. This is the basis of the most prominent educational function of black tourism.

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