The place where ten people do n’t keep their souls

No matter how gorgeous the words are, the land used to describe Yuanyang seems pale and weak. No matter how great a photographer is, when he is in this land, his thinking will be drowsy. If you are a donkey friend and you are not in Yuanyang, Yuanyang will feel sorry for you; if you are a shoot friend and you are not in Yuanyang, God will be sad for you!

In the world we live in, there are some things that you can feel as soon as you go to see them. For example, in terms of pure mountain and water views, the water of Huangshan Mountain and Jiuzhaigou can t be surpassed, and the scenery of Yuanyang s terraced fields is beyond our planet.

It s hard to describe the beauty of Yuan Yang in words. The people who have been there there said the most is the beauty of Yuan Yang, beyond description! Of course, this also stumped those photographers, exhausting all their imagination and wisdom, it seems that there are always endless angles of photography and light and shadow blending here. I once met an old photographer who has been in Yuanyang since the first year of Yuanyang. He will come to Yuanyang a few miles a year every year-I believe there is no place in the world that can make a person so fascinated. Except here.

The first time I went to Yuanyang, I could not help but commit the typical kind of not understanding Yuanyang syndrome. Many people who come here for the first time will be like this: I dont know that Yuanyang is at the same moment and different days away. I dont know that the same place in Yuanyang is different around five minutes ago. I dont know that there will be such a big temperature difference between morning and evening. Terraces have nothing to look at other than photography. I dont know that the sea of ​​clouds in Yuanyang is actually the most beautiful. I dont know if I should go to watch the sunrise in Yuanyang in the morning … So when people break into this place for the first time, they are often stunned by everything in front of them. For a few days I felt as if I had passed away.

Tip: From Kunming to Yuanyang, there are two lines you can take: one is to build water through Yuxi, and the other is to use Kaiyuan Gejiu. In the past, it might have been faster to take Jianshui. Now, it takes about an hour to go from Kaiyuan Gejiu direction, mainly because the road is better. Boarding point, Nanyao Station, the most frequent trips. The county s government guesthouse is preferred for accommodation (it is best to book in advance during the Spring Festival) . There are also several newly opened hotels in better conditions nearby. You can see guesthouses in the villages from Xinjie to Duyishu. For food, backpackers and photography enthusiasts will always choose the Xiaoyu Restaurant next to the county government guest house. Local rice planting generally begins in May and harvesting in September, so the best time to enjoy the scenery is between October and March, which is best before and after the Spring Festival. It is easy to see the sea of ​​clouds at this time. Th e local climate is changeable and waterproof equipment is essential.

Most China s most beautiful village deserves its name, so hurry up now. After all, Wuyuan s commercial atmosphere is not too strong and its humanity is strong. Villagers generally have a kind of elegant and ancestral tradition that will not be aggressive.

It has a paradise-like mood, picturesque rural scenery, ancient villages to visit the ancients, pink-walled tiles, eaves corners, and Hui-style buildings, as well as red maple leaves that are full of mountains in autumn, and authentic and delicious. Unparalleled flavor snacks … It is the so-called Wuyue return without looking at the mountains, Jiuzhai return without looking at the water, Wuyuan return without looking at the village.

Tips: Dont step on the vegetable garden of the local villagers, dont go on holidays, the tourist group enters the village vigorously, and many people will make those old houses noisy, so you cant have the kind of “dreamless Huizhou” Love, nostalgia, and the feeling of home dotted with spring and autumn flowers and red leaves.

Railway: There are railways in four directions to and from Wuyuan. Nanchang is the meeting point of the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Line and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway (actually to the west of Tangxi). Vehicles running on both railways generally pass through Nanchang. Jingdezhen and Tunxi both serve the Yingtan-Nanjing railway line. There are not many trains, but there are vehicles from Fujian to Nanjing and Beijing. Of course, there are also slow trains. Shangrao and Luzhou are two major stations on the Zhejiang-Jiangxi line . Generally, the trains stop. Moreover, the Zhejiang-Jiangxi line is a large artery connecting East China, South China, and Southwest China, and there are many trains.

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