The Mystery of the Golden Bottle in Dali Guoshan Cave

On a summer evening, thunders rang out in the mountains, and a storm was approaching. At this time, an old man of Yi nationality who could not help but speed up his pace, he must quickly find a place to shelter from the wind and rain. There are usually many caves in the mountains, and the old man is searching in the grass. Sure enough, he found a small hole and hurried in. The hole was dark and the ground was pitted, but there seemed to be something magical in the hole to draw the old man forward.

As the fire shone in front, the old man was stunned, and some golden things appeared in the depths of the cave. Looking closer, the old man recognized that these were pots made of gold. At this moment, the old man seemed to be more frightened. He ignored the outside and stumbled out of the cave. The gold pot in the cave did not seem to be a treasure of gold or silver, but something more weird, which made the old man so scared.

People say that the old man saw things that should not be seen. Those golden bottles belonged to some kings long ago, and their souls were stored in them. This old saying has been circulating locally that many kings golden bottles are hidden in a secret cave, but no one has ever been able to find them. With the death of the old man, the cave just discovered also quietly disappeared.

But Li Ruicai, director of the Dali City Cultural Relics Management Office, always pays attention to the golden bottles in these caves. On this day, he and his colleagues arrived at the foot of Cangshan in Dali City. Legend has it that there is also a cave in which the Golden Bottle is hidden.

This place is more than 100 kilometers away from Weishan. Why are the caves with the golden bottles in two places? And the golden bottle in the cave really holds the soul of the king, as people have said. Those dynasties will belong to the king of the dynasty. After reviewing historical data repeatedly, Director Li found a clue.

Interview: After the cremation, it was recorded that after cremation, King Nanxun cut off his ears and placed them in a golden bottle. Two ears were placed in the golden bottle and hidden in the secret chamber.

Director Dan Li also knows clearly that if the cave is the place to store the golden bottles, it is like the tomb of the king, and its location must be very secret.

Interview: After the royal burial, I sent someone (hidden the golden bottle) to the secret room. This secret is only known to the succeeding king of Nanzhao. This hole, this secret hole is located. Where is the first group of people to send the golden bottles to the store? After they are buried, the second group of people will be sent to kill the people who know the location of the cave. It sa mystery.

Interview: In terms of its overall shape, it was under the peak of Cangshan at the time, and there were two platforms in front and down, and there was a passageway between the two platforms.

Director Zuli thinks that the terrain looks like a large sacrifice place. If according to the legend and the manuscripts, when the king s death day, take out the golden bottle from the nearby cave, and hold a memorial service here, everything seems logical , but because the cave was not found, people can t confirm its existence.

More than 1,000 years ago, there were two local dynasties in Dali, and their capitals were built at the foot of Cangshan. However, there are very few written records about these two dynasties.

What Zhu Yuanzhang destroyed is the historical documents of the two ancient dynasties in Dali. They are Nanzhao and Dali. These two dynasties have existed for more than 500 years, but they have been dying for nearly a thousand years. Coupled with the devastating destruction of future generations, the dynasty is no longer on the ground. Only the underground may bury the ruins of the capital. Now that the road here is to be expanded, people must first find out whether there are ancient buildings underground before they can start construction. Of course, archeologists hope to find the remains of the Dali Kingdom of Nanzhao here.

If the king s remains are in the golden vase, they have a reason to be stored in a cave at the foot of Cangshan, because there used to be the capital of the ancient kingdom. But why are there mysterious caves in the mountains of Weishan County, which is more than 100 kilometers away from Cangshan.

Beneath the Weibao Mountain in Weishan County, there is a small temple dedicated to a special figure. He is the founder of Nanzhao Kingdom called Sernuro.

According to limited historical data, people have learned that as early as more than 600 AD, Sernuro was a farmer in the Weishan area. At that time there were only a few tribes in the Dali area in Erhai Lake, and Sernuro was one of the tribal leaders known as Nanzhao.

After Serenolu unified the Erhai area, he built his own capital on a mountain in his hometown. There have been three generations of kings in Nanxun who lived in this capital called Long Yutu.

More than ninety years later, the fourth-generation king of Nanzhao moved the capital to the foot of Cangshan. With the continuous expansion of power, Nanzhao became a strong local dynasty in Yunnan, which lasted for more than 250 years.

After the era of the Nanzhao Kingdom passed, Dali became a state and inherited the capital of Nanzhao. It has stood for 300 years in the capital of Dali in the Erhai Lake area of ​​Cangshan. The history of more than 500 years of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdom finally came to an end until Kublai Khan captured Yunnan in 1253. So the possibility of a mysterious cave at the foot of Cangshan also exists.

After more than a month of excavation, the site of the archeological site has changed significantly. Some large and small pits have been cleared. A large stone was found buried in each pit.

Director Zuli and the leader of the archeological site paid special attention to these pits. They believe that the large stones in the pit represent a special construction method of the ancients. That is to put stones in the pit first, and then set up wooden pillars on the stones. Building houses in this way is the characteristic of the Nanzhao Dali period.

He recorded in the literature that this area was historically the capital of the Dali kingdom of Nanzhao. The protective archeological excavation for the expansion of the highway this time really detected the trace of Nanzhao Dali Kingdom. At this time, hope was raised in the mind of Li Li, whether the cave where the golden bottle is hidden really exists And can also be found.

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