The most expensive place in China to travel, you have to go here again. “

China s rapid development in recent ten years has gradually raised the level of national consumption, and tourism has ushered in a new peak of development. Convenient for both foreign and domestic travel. The Mid-Autumn Festival and other two major festivals are coming. Everyone has picked up their own books and planned holiday play. There is such a place in China. It attracts countless people to enjoy its beauty, but it also stops many people. One is that you can go abroad for a long time, and the other is that the cost of tourism is comparable to the highest in the country-this is Xinjiang.

Let me talk about the length of travel. In terms of time, if there is only one week, let alone play the whole Xinjiang is not enough for Urumqi. Take Shanghai as an example, the train takes 38 hours for a one-way trip , and you can only buy a 45-hour train without getting a special express. The cost is generally about 1,000 for a hard sleeper and 750 soft sleepers. It really means that you are worth every minute. Four days have been spent on the train . Although I saw the beautiful scenery along the way, most of the time I was watching the Gobi and mountains in a single color. The remaining three days in Urumqi have not seen enough to eat enough, and you can t wait to go to Turfan or a few nearby cities to see, time is really not enough. When it comes to airplanes, airplanes can certainly win more time. Air tickets from Shanghai to Urumqi will increase prices during peak tourist seasons and holidays, usually around 1500-2000, but it is common for tourist volume to increase to 3000. It co sts around 4000-6000 plane tickets for round trips. The plane takes 6 hours to reach Urumqi. The remaining 5 days are enough time to play Urumqi and the surrounding cities, but this kind of viewing can only be seen by a glance. So vacations shorter than a week are not too daring to imagine playing in Urumqi.

Why is the tourism cost the highest in the country? Take Urumqi as an example. If you want to try something new and eat ethnic specialty foods, you will also get restaurants that are set up by the tourism industry. Unless you have done a good job or a friend can take you to play and find authentic restaurants, then you have eaten authentic and cheap ethnic specialties. Look at the folk customs you want to live in. Generally, people there are very good and the price is not too high . But if you are staying in a five-star hotel, I believe it will never be less than 1500 yuan a night. Judging from this reality, you will not prefer holiday tourism in southern Xinjiang. It just took more than half of the time on the way to southern Xinjiang.

Therefore, Xinjiang tourism tests the patience of tourists. After all, the most beautiful scenery often has to pay a price to see. This price is either money or time. If you have money and time, all the above suggestions do not apply to you Feeling good. That s like our ordinary people. We still have to plan well before we go. I still have to express my feelings about the vastness of our country. When I fly to Xinjiang and fly back, I think I can go abroad to Japan and South Korea. However, the scenery in Xinjiang is not found elsewhere.

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