The most dangerous hiking trails in North Tianshan

The Wolf Tower Road is the longest, most difficult and dangerous trekking route through the North Tianshan Mountains. The crossing line starts in the Great River Valley of Hutubi, crosses 5 Daban, which is nearly 4,000 meters, and travels more than 140 kilometers to Barron Terrace. The Hutubi River Valley is different from the ordinary Tianshan River Valley. It originates from the 5290-meter Heyuan Peak in the eastern part of the Tianshan Mountains. The river valley is more than 40 kilometers deep. On both sides of the river valley , there are high mountains, dense forests, strange flowers and plants, covering the sky, and the valley bottom is in danger and the road is rough. Because the river valley is located on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains, every summer, abundant rainwater and dissolved water originating from the many snow-capped mountains around the Heyuan Peak meet at the bottom of the valley into a river, roaring down steep and narrow canyons, deafening. When you s tand on Baiyanggou Daban, a watershed of 3862 meters before and after the mountain, looking south, the main peak of Heyuan Peak, shaped like a minaret, is sometimes clouded, looming, and sometimes the sky is high, and the iceberg is full. In Kazakh, Heyuan Peak is called Wolf Tower, which means tower mountain guarded by wolves. Due to the extremely difficult and long route into the mountain, local herders are rarely approached. In a 130-kilometer-long unmanned area in the back of the mountain, the iceberg is awe-inspiring. It is a paradise for wild animals and a place for adventurers. The Wolf Tower Road is the longest and most difficult trekking route across this area to Baluntai in southern Xinjiang.

The climate of the exploration area is typical of the Tianshan zone, and it has the characteristics of vertical zoning. As the terrain increases, the temperature gradually decreases and the precipitation gradually increases. The zoning of climate has resulted in obvious zoning of plants. The general situation is above the snow line of about 4000 meters above sea level, which is a permanent snow and glacial zone. Below the snow line is the bare alpine rock and alpine meadow zone; between 1700 and 2700 meters in height It is a snowy spruce forest distribution belt, and the mountain steppe belt below 1700 meters. This area is located inland, far from the ocean, and is greatly affected by the high-altitude westerly wind. In addition to the factors such as the barrier effect of the mountain, the climate on the north and south sides of Rant Kaizendaban is also different, and the climate on the north side of Hutubi is relatively humid. The climate on the south side of Hejing County is drier. The entire mountainous area also has a rapid climate change. Above 3800 meters above sea level, the average temperature is around 10 ° C. There are often showers and gusts of wind and hail, which will drop below zero at night. The coldest in winter is -40 ° C. Only in July-August, the average temperature can reach -18 ° C, which is the period when the temperature is high in the year.

On the two sides of Kalan Tezeng Daban are under the jurisdiction of different autonomous prefectures, and there are great differences in religious beliefs and customs. The mountainous areas on the north side are dominated by Kazakh herders who believe in Islam and the Mongolian herders who believe in Buddhism on the south.

From Urumqi, you can take a shuttle bus to Hutubi County. The shuttle bus from the county seat to the 106 regiment coal mine runs twice a day. The road from 106 regimen coal mine to Hutubi Forest Farm can be used for off-road vehicles . Since the forest was closed, this road for transporting wood has been unmaintained for many years. The road has collapsed in many places and the driving is extremely dangerous. Generally, drivers in the city are afraid to This car, but in the 106 regiment coal mine there are a few operating jeep vehicles that can bring people into the Great River Valley, but these cars are undocumented black cars, there is no safety guarantee. You can also rent off-road vehicles in Hutubi County. After arriving at the Hutubi Forest Farm, you can continue to drive up to 10 kilometers to reach Xilemuhu, which can save more than a day. The car rental fee is usually around 400 yuan a day.

Leaving the forest farm, heading southeast for 2 kilometers, there is a cement bridge, which is the only way to cross the Hutubi River. Then go west for 6 kilometers to reach Hillmuhu. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, lush forests, green grass and pleasant scenery. Shunxilemuhu valley westbound, the altitude increased rapidly, continued westbound 6 kilometers to reach Karamoyinak daban 3064 meters above sea level. Over Daban, the river valley is gradually widening, the forest is sparse, the pastures are rich, the river is winding gently, and the cattle and sheep are clustered. This is the Karamoinak alpine pasture under the Baiyanggou Daban.

In the alpine meadows under Daban, you can clearly see the retreat of ancient glaciers, and you can also see the high moraine that glaciers are uplifting. Due to the high altitude and low temperature at night, a lot of dew will condense in the tent . On the same day, camped in the alpine meadows under the Baiyanggou Daban. The journey that day was about 20 kilometers.

The ranch is home to simple and hospitable Kazakh herdsmen. They rarely contact outsiders, and hikers entering the mountains can visit herders. But herders business sense is indifferent, they will not provide you with horse rental and guide services.

Many wild mushrooms can be seen during the march. Most of them are edible, but there are also some poisonous mushrooms. Do n’t pick them randomly. Poisoning by mushrooms is fatal and generally cannot be cured.

Baiyanggou Bingdaban is 3862 meters above sea level. It is the dividing line between the mountains before and after the Hutubi River Valley. After crossing Daban, it enters the Heyuan Peak area of ​​the back mountain. The locals call this area a wolf tower -There are wolves Guardian Tower Mountain. Here there are high mountains, deep canyons, and few people, keeping the original state of nature. Baiyanggou Daban is actually a snow mountain. In the past, humans and animals could not pass through. In the 1970s, in order to develop animal husbandry resources, Hutubi County used a lot of manpower and materials to open the entrance to the Wolf Tower, on the left side of the edge of the Baiyanggou Glacier. A pasture was excavated on the rock wall .

From the glacial deposits below the mountain to Baiyanggou Bingdaban, the vertical height is more than 600 meters, and the weight-bearing march takes 3-4 hours. Standing on Daban and looking south on Daban, the valley is dangerous, the peaks and valleys are stacked, and the source of the river, surrounded by mountains, is soaring, and the ice flashes in the sunlight.

After crossing Daban, the grazing road quickly descended along the steep slope on the right. From Daban to the main tributary of the Hutubi River at the bottom of the valley at 2400 meters, it took more than 2 hours to walk. Some sections must be careful. Party B Slide into the mountain stream. Traveled about 15 kilometers that day, and camped by the river at the bottom of the valley at night.

The Hutubi Great River Valley has a typical climate on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. There is more rain. In summer, the temperature during the day is minus 20 degrees latitude, and the temperature at night is minus 10 degrees. The morning and evening dew is greater, and the temperature is cooler. At minus, it is recommended that hikers wear jackets and sweaters or fleece. Others can be prepared in accordance with general hiking equipment.

牧 The pastoral road crossing Daban in July-August is clearly identifiable, and the pastoral road will be covered by snow in the rest of the month. You must find a pastoral road when choosing a road, otherwise you won t be able to get through Daban.

Huantai Pushkima River is the main tributary of the upper reaches of the Hutubi River. The river valley is narrow and the river flows rapidly. The mountains on both sides of the valley are extremely steep, and the narrow pastures artificially excavated circle up on the vertical cliffs, which make people pass by. The pastoral road sometimes leads to the mountain beams, and sometimes enters the valley bottom, walking on it gives people the feeling of going over mountains and mountains, which consumes a lot of energy. About 8 kilometers up the river valley, artificial grazing roads and wooden bridges have come to an end. At this time, the bottom of the valley is gradually widening, and Heyuan Xuefeng, 10 kilometers away, clearly enters your eyes. The itinerary of the day is 18 kilometers . The campsite can be chosen at the entrance to the Kuraateng Asudaban, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers and green grass. It is an excellent place for camping.

Several pastoral roads were excavated on vertical cliffs with a width of 30 to 40 cm, a one-man high stone ditch, and a horse that did not carry anything barely passed. Hikers always think about their large backpacks when passing through this pasture, so as to avoid the backpacks hitting the rock wall in the narrow and turning places, which may cause physical imbalance.

The entrance to the ditch in Kurataten Asudaban looks like a ditch, and it seems impossible for pastoral roads to pass through. On the contrary, this is where pastoralism comes in. When approaching here, be sure to observe carefully and make the right judgment.

When entering the ditch in Asura, Kuraateng, you can find a clear horse road. The distance from the ditch to Daban, which is 3555 meters above sea level, is less than 4 kilometers. Near the top of Daban, there is a 60- degree sandy slope, making climbing more difficult. It usually takes 3-4 hours to reach the top of Misaka from Mizoguchi.

Turning over Daban is a steep downhill all the way, and after walking 6 kilometers, you can reach the virgin forest at an altitude of 2,500 meters. Hungry wolves flock here, and snow leopards and brown bears often appear and attack livestock. But for pedestrians , the biggest threat is the torrential river at the bottom of the valley. The rivers that originated from the Rant Kaizen Glacier and the Mengte Kaizen Glacier converge at the bottom of the valley to form an important tributary of the Hutubi River. This tributary is huge in mid-July to early August. The water is huge, turbulent and surging. Difficult to pass. Even at the end of August, the turbulent water flow, without crossing the waist, is very dangerous.

The frequent crossing of the river greatly delayed the marching speed, and it only traveled about 13 kilometers that day. Encamp at Alpine Ranch in Wolf Tower at night. There are several herdsmen nearby who can buy sheep and feed them.

When crossing the river, you must make ropes and tie a protective rope on the waist of the river crossing person. Once they are washed down by the water, people on the shore will quickly pull them ashore. In addition, when crossing a rushing river , you must not go barefoot. It is best to bring a pair of sandals, if not, you can only wear hiking shoes to wading.

There are many wild animals in the Wolf Tower area. Among them are wolves, snow leopards, and bears that can hurt people. It is best to walk with them and bring necessary self-defense weapons, such as hunting knives and paper cannons. They can be lit outside the camp at night. Steam lamp.

The Wolf Tower Alpine Ranch is located below the Rand Snow Mountain and the Mengte Snow Mountain, with an average altitude of 2800 meters, gentle mountains, wide valleys, and lush pastures. It is a rare high-quality pasture in Hutubi County, which is also the reason to open the road to the Wolf Tower.. Every summer, there are 5-6 herdsmen grazing here. It is also easy and practical for hikers to cross the alpine pasture, because 6 days of intense climbing finally saw people.

With an altitude of 3,913 meters, Kai Lan Te Zeng Daban is the highest Daban across the route. The route to and from Daban is long, and it is not easy to cross Daban that day.

You can also cross Mengte Kaizeng and Hargart Kelz. This route has obvious horse lanes, but it is necessary to cross two Daban, the route is also long, but herders choose this route. No traveler has yet traveled this route.

The route of crossing the Randakai Zengdaban has no track, and can only be climbed on the rocky slope, which is a test of the physical strength and will of the hikers. Daban is full of mountainous moraine. There is a blue lake between the rocks and the snowy mountains, like a spring. Daban s southern slope is covered with snow and ice, and hikers have to cross more than 1 kilometer of glaciers, which is why herders are reluctant to follow this path.

After turning over Daban, he entered the boundary of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, and the climate was obviously warming. Compared to the pastures north of Daban, the grass on the south slope is more lush. This is a winter pasture in Hejing County. Grazing is prohibited in summer. After travelling 10 kilometers to Daban, you will encounter an eastward tributary of the Manas River with a large amount of water, so you must protect it when you cross the river. 10 kilometers down this tributary, you will arrive at Harrahart. According to the 82-year-old logo, Harrahart is a large herdsman s residence, but it has actually been abandoned, leaving only broken walls. That night camped at the Mizoguchi leading to Harahat Daban.

The rivers in the mountainous areas of Xinjiang originate from the Xueshan River. Generally, the amount of water is small in the early morning, and the amount of water is large in the afternoon or evening. When crossing the river, choose the time as appropriate .

I crossed the tributary of the Manas River. On the south side of the river, there was a very narrow ditch. A dimly identifiable horse road leads directly to Harahat Daban. Hala Hart Daban is 3273 meters above sea level, and the vertical height from Mizoguchi to Banban is more than 700 meters. The slope is extremely great, and it is also a severe test for hikers who have traveled for several days.

The Urumqi ranch farm is not as imagined, it is just two solitary soil houses, empty. Traveled about 20 kilometers that day and camped near Urumqi Ranch.

To the north of Dao-Zan-Da-Zeng-Daban, snow is thick in winter and the climate is cold, and grazing can only be done in summer. South of Daban, the south is warm in winter. It is a winter pasture in Hejing County. In the summer, rest and grazing are implemented, and the entire mountainous area is empty.

Another route is to go south from Rankaizen, cross Harhar Tidaban and Guren Daban directly to National Highway 218. According to local herdsmen, this route can save a day s journey, but no hiker has yet to visit the site.

The ancient Guengele village is located at 85 ° 59′03 ”east longitude, 43 ° 12′35” north latitude, and 2943 meters above sea level. But this important place of residence was not marked on the 1984 edition of 1: 250,000. The mountainous region of Gurengrad is gentle, and Xinjiang is an international hunting ground open to the outside world. It mainly hunts argali, and several foreign teams come here every year to hunt. The village of Gurengele is a pastoral village. There is a solar -powered satellite phone in the village, and the village chief and secretary work here. The village also built a 35-kilometer easy road to National Highway 218. If it happens, you can rent a village chief s jeep to National Highway 218. Because the road is rough, the fare is generally 400 yuan. If you call for a car from Baluntai Town, the fare is generally 500-600 yuan.

Smoothly If you can get to National Highway 218 on the same day, you can take a 45 km ride to Baluntai Town, take a train at night, and arrive in Urumqi the next morning.

Equipment includes: backpack, sleeping bag (up to 5 degrees below zero), moisture-proof pad, sweater, assault pants, tent, headlights, mountain stove, gas cylinder (average one per person, many campsites can point to bonfire), map , GPS, Hunting knives, gas lamps, 50-meter climbing rope, sandals, commonly used drugs, etc.

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