The first show water Qiandao Lake self-driving tour

The accidental visit in summer made me worry about the fleeting of spring. I was thinking about finding a good place to relax and relax. Not only must there be mountains and water, but also it is best to eat, live and live. After searching for a long time on the map, his eyes still focused on the beautiful Qiandao Lake.

The only thing you must pass to Qiandao Lake is Jinfeng Xiuling and Tongtong, which are beautiful in the cave, and the Fuchun River and Tianmu Stream, which are unique in the world. A self-driving tour to Tonglu can not only visit ancient times , indulge in the mountains and rivers, but also experience the rural idyllic style and take a leisurely vacation. It is truly worthy of the cheeky Tonglu praised by the Song Dynasty poet Fan Zhongyan. However, this time I did not come to Tonglu to chic, but to the world s first show water not far from Tonglu-Qiandao Lake.

The road from Tonglu to Qiandao Lake is very convenient. The scenery all the way to Qiandao Lake is good, but I have heard that the scenery from Qianshan Lake to Huangdao Lake is amazing. I can still see the scenery of the lake and mountains in the car, but I didnt sit there. The ship was so immersive.

When you come to the Qiandao Lake Pier, you can see the Earl cruise ship. You will definitely not feel lonely on the cruise ship, even if you do nothing. Lying on the top deck, looking at the lake and mountains outside, the lake slaps the ship s side from time to time, and it feels light and dangling. If you are interested, you can also pack a small boat, go for a drive, go fishing, take a look at the blue water and blue sky, and listen to the waterfowl. There are so many beautiful sights and thousands of kinds of leisure.

Pointing and pointing: Qiandao Lake water fish stall is a unique leisure gourmet scenery line on Qiandao Lake. Dozens of water fish stalls with different styles subtly embody the style of Qiandao Lake fishermen. Try it out!

A boat ride on the beautiful Qiandao Lake is definitely an enjoyment. The islands in Qiandao Lake seem to be non-connected. The lake surface is separated by different widths, twists and turns, and the direction is difficult to distinguish, forming a characteristic landscape of a maze on the lake, and the island is sparse. The lake is open, far-reaching, and vast, like the sea, and the lake is deep and colorful, with gorgeous scenery.

Of course, if you want to see the essence of Qiandao Lake scenery, climbing to the peak of Meifeng is the best choice. Meifeng is named after a hill connected by five provinces like a blossoming plum blossom. When you climb the Meifeng Observation Deck, you can have an overview of more than 300 large and small islands. There are many unique places on the island, including Xianggui, Lianli Pine, Ruxiang Garden, Orchid Lake, Shuangfeng Bridge, Zisha Slope, Wanzhi Meihai … The welcome pine portrayed as easy is the best of Qiandao Lake. The island has the first ropeway and grass skiing of Qiandao Lake, so you can either climb up on foot, take a leisurely ride up the mountain by ropeway, or go down the grass to stimulate the mountain.

Wulong Island and Qiandaohu Town, across the water, are the most famous scenic spots in Qiandao Lake. From the four islands of Suo Island, Bird Island, Zhenqu Garden and Kistler Island, different forms of Yule Bridge, Lucky Bridge, and Zhuangyuan Bridge are integrated into an organic whole. Island lock is a world of locks. There are about 160,000 heart locks of all kinds on the island. Here is a wish lock with a deep blessing. On the Bird-language Promenade, you can also talk to my brother-in-law and myna in human-bird conversation. When flocks of birds stop and peck at your hands, you will have the feeling of returning to nature. The whole island is immersed in a scent of birds and flowers, and the poem Li Ming in the pedestrian walkway, in the screen of birds has been confirmed here.

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