The city with the highest domestic tourism income, 1 yuan for 4A attractions

Scenic spot tickets are the lowest in the country in terms of domestic tourism income, and 4A scenic spot tickets cost 1 yuan

In recent years, there have been a lot of people traveling. There is a word circulating among them that poor people will go abroad to travel, and those who are really rich will play in their own country. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it also shows that everyone Express their dissatisfaction with the consumption of some domestic tourist areas.

What I want to tell you today is that there is a city, and he has the highest tourism income in the country. However, the fare is very low, and the tickets for 4A-level scenic spots only cost one yuan. Everyone must be very curious about what this place is. The ticket prices of those big cities are very fair, and even many of them do not collect ticket money, especially in Beijing, although his tourism income is the first in the country, the price of tickets is indeed very conscience. Just one dollar.

No wonder everyone likes to visit such a city? Beijing is the capital of our country, and its economic development is very high. It is also among the best in the world. Every year, a lot of friends from home and abroad come here. Here are some of the more spectacular views and a lot of snacks.

The attractions here are basically historical allusions, and many of them are open to people for free. Even if there are a few need to buy tickets, the price is very low, and some students can take their student ID in the past. For example, the Jingshan Park Scenic Area, which originally received two yuan tickets, would only cost one yuan if it took a student ID to discount it. When you enter the scenic area, you can see the pavilions and pavilions inscribed by Emperor Qianlong, and you can also overlook the Forbidden City. This dollar is very cost-effective.

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