Tea Card Salt Lake [Qinghai Lake, Qinghai]

Chaka Salt Lake is located in the Qaidam Basin, Qinghai Province, with an area of ​​105 square kilometers and a salt storage capacity of more than 440 million tons. It has more than 3,000 years of mining history.

The lagoon contains nearly 10,000 kinds of minerals and more than 40 kinds of chemical components of brine, which is an important treasure house of China s inorganic salt industry. Salts are very strange in shape, some look like brilliant pearls, some look like blooming flowers, some look like crystals, and some look like gemstones, so only pearl salts, glass salts, stalactite salts, coral salts, crystal salts, Snowflake salt, mushroom salt and many other beautiful names.

Visitors can enjoy the scenery of the salt lake here, as well as the mechanized salt mining operations. The small train leading to the heart of the lake is a popular tool for tourists.

There is only one main road in Luchaka Town, and hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and bus stations are all on this road. There is Qingyan Hotel, with standard rooms of RMB 70-96 / room, double rooms of RMB 30 / bed ; quadruple rooms of RMB 20 / bed, consultation telephone: 13086222827; there are guest houses in Yanchang, and the guest houses in the town are not very standard Hygienic and in good condition.

The Tea Card is 310 kilometers away from Xining. Departing from Xining in the morning, you can reach the Tea Card Salt Lake at noon. CMB is 80 yuan per person, and the chartered car is 300 yuan. You can also take long-distance buses to Chaka, Ulan, Delingha, etc. The Chaka Saltworks can provide tourists with convenient accommodation.

Suggestion: It is recommended to visit Salt Lake and tour groups. Often this kind of travel route is connected with Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Transportation Travel Agency has developed a two-day tour of these two lagoons. Overnight at one of the attractions, 600 yuan / Only a certain number of people, including accommodation and tickets, can open this travel route. Ticket: 32 yuan

In terms of diet, pasta and beef and mutton are the main ingredients. Qinghai s specialty skins and yoghurt can also be eaten, and the consumption is low. Pasta is less than 10 yuan.

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