Taiping River Rafting in Guizhou

The Taiping River is located in the middle of the Wuling Mountains in Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province, and is the main component of the Taiping River Scenic Area in Fanjing Mountain. The scenic area is planned by the tourist belt of the nature reserve-Fanjingshan Scenic Area, Taiping River

The rafting belt scenic spot, Yuliangxi scenic spot, Longyang Xianren Bridge karst cave scenic spot, Huangpi Mountain scenic spot, and the scenic spot near the county seat are the provincial-level scenic spots with a total area of ​​42 square kilometers. The forests in the scenic area are lush and well protected, the atmosphere and water are not polluted, the wildlife resources are abundant, and the environment is extremely good. The natural scenery of the Taiping River Scenic Area is mainly composed of mountains, ancient woods and rural scenery with different attitudes. Its characteristics are adventure,

Rafting, wild fun, etc. Yuliangxi Scenic Area is distributed with more than 100 scenic spots such as Guimenguan, Buermen, Yuliangzhai and Erdonggou; and the Longyang Xianren Bridge cave area where limestone caves are most developed. The main attractions are Xianren Bridge, Xianren Cave, and Qiaojiao Cave. Longyang Cave. In addition, there are Huangpi Mountain Scenic Area, which is rich in wildlife and plant resources. It is composed of Huangpi Mountain, Diluo Reservoir, Hejiaba and other scenic spots. The scenic spot near the county seat includes Baishuidong scenic spot, Wangjiashan scenic spot, Provincial Xisi Canyon scenic spot, The composition of the attractions of Jiangzhen. The traffic and reception situation of the Taiping River Scenic Area has achieved great development and is very convenient.

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