Bizhou Park is on a gulf on the Lianshui River on the east side of Xiangxiang City. The gulf is 760 meters in length and 200 meters in width. The continent is surrounded by vegetation. The flat boat crosses, full of flowery willows, the beauty of mountains and water, andRead More →

No. 50 Zengjiayan, also known as the Zhou Gongguan, is located on Zhongshan Fourth Road, Yuzhong District. After the CCP delegation moved from Wuhan to Chongqing in the winter of 1938, in order to facilitate work, Comrade Zhou Enlai leased the house in his own name as a major officeRead More →

The large battery was located in the high mountain area of ​​central Macao. It was the most important military place in the early days of Macao. It formed a military protective wall with the Songshan battery and the Mage battery, plus the Wangxia battery. According to legend, under the cannon,Read More →