Such as the skull wall [Tibet of Tibet]

The burial platform was built on a hillside near the temple. Sitting north to the south, the door opened west, facing the Dalmu Temple. There are three north rooms with two Nepalese stupas on each side of the room. In front of the door and window are hung five-colored prayer flags and some cloths that represent sky, earth, water, fire, and wind. In front of the house is a small courtyard consisting of three walls about two meters high, with more than twenty square meters.

    On the south side of the western side of the half wall, the human skull is built like a brick layer by layer, there are about 200 skulls. The black hole in the eye socket, Pi Te mouth opened, facing the door and window. In front of the wall are several large flat stones, which are cutting boards used to dismember the body.

The construction of Dalmu Temple is said to be due to Princess Wencheng s entry into Tibet. He believed that the land was a treasure of feng shui. He commissioned his Lumbu to build the temple here, and was hosted by the Dabbu Living Buddha. It is only about 130 years. Why is the skull buried here? It is still a mysterious puzzle.

Walk about 300 kilometers southeast from Naqu Town, where the north office of the city is located, such as the county. The Dharma Dodoka Sky Burial Table is located in the western suburbs of the county, for example, and is also the site of the skull wall.

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