Soaring commercial blue sky by hot air balloon

Liu Xiang, who has participated in competitions in Japan, has witnessed the beautiful pictures of others in the sky. He believes that opportunities in industries such as aviation and sports have yet to come to China.

The sports industry is becoming a booming gold mine in China, and quite avant-garde sports are being tried. The 35-year-old Beijing Flying Hot Air Balloon Club founded by Liu Xiang is one of the pioneers.

In Yanqi Industrial Development Zone, Huairou County, Beijing, more than 60 kilometers from Dongzhimen, Beijing, there is a Shengbao Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. covering an area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters, where Liu Xiang s club is located.

As soon as you enter the company s gate, you can see a small office building with 3 floors, next to it is about 1,000 square meters of open space, and behind it are two warehouses. This is the base for practicing hot air balloon flight. There is a Qimeiyuan community in Huairou County, two kilometers away from the development zone, where Liu Xiang purchased three sets of apartments of more than 100 square meters as a place for himself, customers and students to rest.

Flying Hot Air Balloon Club is actually a company that is solely owned by Liu Xiang. It is also the first hot air balloon company in Beijing and the first private company in China to conduct hot air balloon sports.

翔 Liu Xiang didn t fall in love with the hot air balloon suddenly and got the idea of ​​starting a company. He approached the hot air balloon and his parents were related. His father was the first generation of gliders in China, and he won the second place in gliding competitions in the first National Games.

In the middle school, Liu Xiang was a second-level swimmer. He studied international economic law in college. These are not related to hot air balloons. However, under the influence of his father, he very much hoped to fly into the blue sky .

Considering that learning to fly is a very dangerous thing, and hot air ballooning is the safest sport of all flying sports, the family finally agreed to let him practice hot air ballooning.

The modern hot air balloon sport has only 22 years of history in China. In 1982, the head of the Forbes family, who owns Forbes Magazine, came to Beijing. He is an enthusiast of hot air ballooning, and with his promotion, hot air ballooning has begun in China.

翔 Liu Xiang, who just graduated, soon mastered the hot air balloon flight and fell in love with the sport. Two years after graduation, he and others started Shengbao Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. and became shareholders of the company. The company s business is good now, last year s output value was close to 30 million yuan.

But hot air balloon flying requires ground support, vehicles, and some daily maintenance costs. It costs more than 100,000 yuan each year, which does not include the cost of buying hot air balloons. Liu Xiang thought of raising the ball with the ball .

Hot air balloon flight is the same as an airplane. Pilots must hold a license issued by the management department, that is, they must have regular flight training for more than 16 hours, which takes at least 20 days. Liu Xiang started the business of training trainees and used the fees received to maintain his daily training expenses.

However, gradually he found that invoicing was a problem. In the face of some customers who need to invoice, he can only use his own food and beverage company to issue training invoices, often making jokes and causing a lot of trouble. In the end , he decided to start a company with a hot-air balloon business. This wish became a reality in June 1998.

In the beginning I didn t think I could make money, I just wanted to maintain expenses, but after I integrated it, I found that there are business opportunities in it. Liu Xiang said.

According to Liu Xiang, the company has a profit of several hundred thousand yuan every year. Although not a lot, he is very happy to be able to integrate hobbies and careers.

In the sky, you see the ground scene getting smaller and smaller, and your mind is getting wider and wider, and that feeling can make you abandon all your troubles. He said, Sometimes when you are close to the ground, almost All the people on the ground will beckon to you, some say hello to you, and even invite you to his house for a drink. It sa wonderful feeling.

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