Sichuan Province launches winter tourism scenic spots to introduce free tickets, half price or discount policies

There are various and charming national festivals and festivals in Sichuan. There are more than 100 spring festival activities around temple fairs, lantern fairs, praying, and art performances in Sichuan Province. 2019 Sichuan ice and snow and hot spring festival, Xiling Snow Mountain South Country ice and Snow Festival, Dujiangyan hot spring health culture festival, Chengdu “colorful Datong · art town”, Pingle China year, 2019 Pingle Ancient Town cross year party, the 16th Jianyang mutton food tourism festival, the 4th China Rongxian Buddha Culture Lantern Festival, Meishan Wawu mountain “ice and snow Carnival” activity, Sichuan Rural Culture Tourism Festival (winter), Ganzi Hailuogou “hot spring +” experience activity, Langzhong City’s third luoxiahong Spring Festival cultural exposition, Guangyuan City’s “listening to winter snow on Motianling” Tangjiahe snow appreciation activity and other national famous winter tourism festivals will be staged one by one. The main festival activities carried out this time include the Tibetan calendar year, the Qiang calendar year, “a thousand dragons and a thousand lions make new year” activities, Zigong Dinosaur Lantern Festival, Emei mountain ice and snow Hot Spring Festival, Wuhou Temple Chengdu fair, Panzhihua happy sunshine Festival, Jiuzhaigou International Ice waterfall Tourism Festival, 8 in total. Among them, Zigong Dinosaur Lantern Festival is a traditional folk cultural activity in Zigong area of Sichuan Province. The festival has a long history and distinctive features. Since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a local traditional custom of lighting lights in the new year. It was extended to the Qing Dynasty, namely “lion lantern Market” and “Lantern pole Festival”. At the beginning of the 20th century, it gradually formed a lantern festival, including sky lantern, dragon lantern, lion lantern and flower lantern And other activities. Zigong Lantern Festival is determined as “Chinese Folk Art Tour” and “Chinese people’s life Tour” by the National Tourism Administration. The large-scale folk culture activities launched overseas attracted nearly 150 million Chinese and foreign tourists, and it is known as “high-quality art”, “mobile cultural tourism resources” and “pride of traditional culture of the people”.

At present, Sichuan Province has carried out the preferential policies of free admission, half price or discount for winter tourist attractions in this winter, and hotels and tourism enterprises have launched a large scale of discount and promotion measures. Tourists in wechat circle of friends, Sina Weibo, qiaoyin video share and publish relevant advertisements, articles or videos of the scenic spot, and enjoy half price discount for those who praise 66 +; during the activities of key scenic spots such as Hailuogou, daochengyading and MUGECUO, tourists are free of tickets; Hailuogou scenic spot is launched on OTA platforms such as,,, and, etc 11 yuan (1 yuan ticket + 10 yuan insurance premium) in the happy season of winter and spring to rush to buy tickets for the scenic spot “lasted for 3 months. In Aba Prefecture, rich in ice and snow resources, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Dagu iceberg scenic spot, Siguniang mountain and other scenic spots have implemented off-season ticket preferential policies.

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