Should I buy travel insurance for non-holiday trips? Sharing of insurance opinions

Liu plans to set off from Henan in early December, and then travel to Anhui, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou for a month-long tour to end before New Year s Day. He believes that during the holidays, there are many people and cars, and the accident rate is relatively high. It is better to start the travel plan when there are fewer people, which is safe and saves time. So if you plan to travel around on non-holidays, do you want to buy travel insurance ?

Travel insurance can provide corresponding accident protection during the insured s travel. When the accident causes death, disability, or hospitalization, the insured will get corresponding compensation. According to Liu s ideas, during the non-holiday holidays, major tourist attractions, fewer people at high speeds and fewer cars, the accident rate is also lower than during the peak tourist period. But it is not 100% that it will not happen. Therefore, even if it is a non-holiday holiday, insurance is necessary to buy.

There are different types of travel insurance introduced by major insurance companies. Users like Liu can choose the appropriate type of insurance according to the means of transportation used in actual travel. For example, if you are travelling by public transportation, you can consider buying domestic self-help travel insurance, which mainly covers death, disability, hospitalization due to general accidents, and death due to public transportation (airplane, ship, train, car), Disabled.

According to the regulations of different insurance companies, in addition to the protection of the items just mentioned, some insurance companies also have some other more distinctive items, such as high-risk sports accidents due to death and disability. The insured person participates in some high-risk sports in the process of traveling. If the accident causes death and disability, he can also get the corresponding compensation provided by the insurance company.

If you are driving around, you can buy self-driving travel insurance.

Ping An Insurance Mall has a large number of travel insurances. There are domestic self-service travel insurance, self-driving travel insurance, plateau travel insurance, and group travel insurance for businesses for surrounding tourists. It is suitable for people with different needs. And the premium is not high, and the protection is comprehensive. If you plan to play around but don t know which travel insurance to buy, you may as well visit the mall to find out!

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